Robinson took Ede's hand with a haste and an energy that almost startled him, and his features darkened with an expression unusual now to his good-natured face. "To put down thieving in the camp," said he, sternly. "The camp is choke-full of them." Robinson looked blacker, uglier and more in earnest. So was his answer when it came. "Make stealing death by the law." "The law! What law?" "Lynch!"

Madame de la Rougepot, I call her. She does know how to paint up to the ninety-nines she does, the old cat. I beg your pardon, Miss, but that she is a devil, and no mistake. I found her out first by her thieving the Master's gin, that the doctor ordered him, and filling the decanter up with water the old villain; but she'll be found out yet, she will; and all the maids is afraid on her.

They speak a purer Castilian than obtains in like villages of Mexico, and the way they count relationship everybody is more or less akin. There is not much villainy among them. What incentive to thieving or killing can there be when there is little wealth and that to be had for the borrowing! If they love too hotly, as we say "take their meat before grace," so do their betters.

"If they are as good at fighting as at thieving, they'll distinguish themselves." "Ay," laughed Muffin. "If the red coats were but chickens or cattle, the New England militia would have had them all captured ere now." "They'll be hearn from to-day," said a third officer. "They've earthworks to git behind, and they'll give the British anuther Bunker Hill."

"If you quit your job tomorrow and went to work on another paper, you would write just what you were told to write. It's morality and civic duty now with you; on the new job it would be backing up a thieving railroad with... morality and civic duty, I suppose. Your price, my son, is just about thirty per week. That's what you sell for. But your paper would sell for a bit more.

Henery Walker got up and tried to speak, but 'e couldn't, and he didn't get 'is breath back till Bob said it was plain to see that he 'adn't got a word to say for 'imself. Then he shook 'is fist at Bob and called 'im a low, thieving, poaching murderer. "You're not yourself, Henery," ses Bob.

"But don't you care?" cried Lydia, all of a heat of wonder terror also at melodramatic thieving here in simple Addington. "I can care about things without screaming and sobbing," said Madame Beattie briefly. "Though I sobbed a little at the time. I was a good deal unstrung from other causes. But of course I laid it before Jeff, as her husband " "He must have been heartbroken."

He wouldn't pay a penny if he could help it." "Good for the Count! I don't blame him a bit," exclaimed Beth. "It is a beastly shame that free born Americans should be enslaved by a crew of thieving Sicilians, and obliged to purchase their freedom!" "True for you," said Kenneth, nodding. "But what are we going to do about it?" "Pay, of course," decided Patsy, promptly.

In these records of varying merit and common interest the attentive reader may note the changes which have taken place in the method and practice of thieving. There is no man so ready to adapt himself to new circumstances as the scoundrel, and the ingenuity of the American rogue has never been questioned.

At their first and second midday halts, for instance, they flung down to the team, as though to a herd of sheep or swine, food enough for three days' rations, their own leavings, and the orthodox dog-ration stuff, in a mixed heap. Given decent, proper feeding, Jan would have seen to it that order was preserved and no thieving done.