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Another school, later called the southern school, regarded painting as an intimate, personal expression. They tried to paint inner realities and not outer forms. They, too, were educated, but they did not paint for anybody. They painted in their country houses when they felt in the mood for expression.

"Yes, all but your face." "My face why" she faltered "what's wrong with my face? Ain't it pretty enough to be a prima donna?" "Funny kid," he laughed. "Your face is good enough for a prima donna, but to be a real prima donna you must fix it up with cold cream, paint and powder." "Powder!" she echoed in amazement. "Not the kind you put in guns?" "Gee, no!

She was his poem of woman, a lyric delight, a three-dimensions of flesh and spirit delicious, a fate and a good fortune written, ere the first man and woman were, by the gods whose whim had been to make all men and women for sorrow and for joy. But his mother put into his hand the ink-brush and placed under it, on the table, the writing tablet. "Paint," said she, "the ideograph of TO MARRY."

One sees that you do not work from the stiff, awkward model, or from the dead lay figure, but that you are, yourself, your own living model, and that you draw and paint the figure which you place on the canvas in front of a great mirror." "Heyday, Antonio!" cried Salvator, laughing. "I believe you must have been peeping into my studio without my knowledge, to know so well what goes on there."

He pulled again and again three times, and remained there listening and thinking. "What is it you want?" again cried the workman as he went out to Raskolnikoff. "I wish to hire some rooms. I came to look at these." "People don't take lodgings in the night. Why don't you apply to the porter?" "The floor has been washed. Are you going to paint it?" remarked Raskolnikoff. "Where is the blood?"

We will give you white earth and black coals which you will grind together to make black paint, and we will give you white sand, yellow sand, and red sand, and for the blue paint you will take white sand and black coals with a very little red and yellow sand. These together will give you blue. The song-hunter remained with these people until the corn was ripe.

Elise looked serious and shook her head. "I do feel so much better without them. I won't wear them again." "No, you have a pretty, slender figure, and you don't want them. That's why I always get you when I can. I hate to draw or paint from a girl whose hips are all discolored with ugly red creases from her confounded corset."

Ricardo wished to paint the portrait of Manuel Sawa in oils, as Manuel had marked personality at that time, when he still wore a beard. "But here am I," said Alejandro. "Am I not a more interesting subject to be painted?" "No, no, not at all," we all shouted together this took place in the Cafe de Lisboa "Manuel has more character."

"You draw a dark picture, Mr Allcraft, slightly tinged, I trust, with the poetic pencil. But be it as gloomy as you paint it, we have still religion amongst us, and individuals who adapt their conduct to its principles" "Ay, madam," said Michael, quickly interrupting her, "I grant you all you wish.

The nose remained projected and lifted in the air, a-sniff to catch the fleeting scent of an enemy. Fancy could readily paint the ugly head of the lank body behind it. But Henry Ware was not deceived for an instant. The muzzle of the rifle that had been thrust forward, was raised now, and taking swift aim, he fired. A wild and terrible cry swelled through the forest.