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The blue extent of waters, the almost landlocked bay, the near castle of Lerici shutting it in to the east, and distant Porto Venere to the west; the varied forms of the precipitous rocks that bound in the beach, over which there was only a winding rugged footpath towards Lerici, and none on the other side; the tideless sea leaving no sands nor shingle, formed a picture such as one sees in Salvator Rosa's landscapes only.

The character, in fact the manners and the talents of Salvator Rosa came out in strong relief, as opposed to the servile deportment and mere professional acquirements of the herd of artists of all nations then under the protection of the Medici. The Tuscan nobility, in imitation of the court, and in the desire to possess Salvator's pictures, treated him with singular honor.

Then he ran over in Greek and Latin the names of a hundred and twenty diseases that Salvator had not, then almost as many which he might have had, and concluded by saying that on the spur of the moment he didn't recollect the name of his disease, but that he would within a short time find a suitable one for it, and along therewith, the proper remedies as well.

Let him be off into the house, they said, and stop his ears, if he didn't want to hear the beautiful singing. Thus Signor Pasquale was obliged, to his torture, to endure Salvator and Antonio's singing, all night long songs which at times consisted of the sweetest words of love, and at others ridiculed the folly of amorous old men.

"I have a word or two to say to you, my dear Signor Salvator," stammered Capuzzi painfully, "but alone when you are alone. With your leave I will withdraw and come again at a more seasonable time." "By no means," said Salvator, holding the old gentleman fast, "by no means, my dear sir.

Who does not recall the sensation that followed that article produced throughout the entire world? "Arsene Lupin has solved the problem recently submitted by Salvator.

The Bavarian is obtained by the infusion or decoction of sprouted barley; then by the fermentation of deposit, in tubs painted internally with resin. The varieties most appreciated are the Bock and Salvator beers. The beers of Belgium have the special character of being prepared by spontaneous fermentation, and the process is therefore slow.

Then, turning to Salvator, he requested payment of the ten ducats for the spinet he had sold him. "Oh! that trifling little matter we can settle afterwards, my good sir," was Salvator's answer. "First have the goodness to look at this sketch of a picture which I have drawn, and drink a glass of good Syracuse whilst you do so."

The chief inmates were some Papal soldiers of ruffianly air, engaged in the clamorous game of moro. Unlike the close shorn Englishmen, their beards and mustachios, were allowed to grow to such length, as to hide the greater part of the face. Their animated gestures and savage countenances, would have accorded well with a bandit group by Salvator.

The cliffs and strand at the moment formed a picture that Salvator would have gloried in conveying to his canvass the line of coast now rising boldly from the ocean, each projecting point catching the glaring blaze, and seeming itself on fire the caverns overhung by creeping plants, revelling in gorgeous colours from every changing light that touched their beauties: then the wild figures clasping by the rocks, panting with terror and excitement the sibyl on her pinnacle the gigantic frame of Roupall, rendered still more gigantic to the eye by the position in which he stood, breathless, with the written parchment in his hand, yet unable to move or direct Dalton's attention to it.

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