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In like manner, another cluster of adages depict the certainty of the detection and punishment of crime: "Murder will out"; "Justice has feet of wool, but hands of iron"; "God's mills grind slow, but they grind sure." So in relation to every marked exposure of our life, there will be found in the records of the common thought of mankind a set of deprecating aphorisms.

Go where he will I shall meet him again some day; and then Edward spoke almost in a whisper, but a certain grind of his white teeth and flashing of his lion eyes made the incomplete sentence very expressive. "What ninnies you young men are," said the Doctor; "even you, that I dub 'my fathom o' good sense: just finish your denner and come with me."

I could not have deceived you as to this had I tried. I am a practical man, and have an axe to grind. I am urging your election as Governor because I believe you to possess intelligent capacity to discriminate between what is harmful to the community and what is due to healthy, individual enterprise the energy which is the sap of American citizenship.

I wonder, Deacon, you don't put up a carding mill on it: the same works would carry a turning lathe, a shingle machine, a circular saw, grind bark, and . Too old, said the Deacon, too old for all those speculations old, repeated the clock-maker, not you; why you are worth half a dozen of the young men we see, now-a-days, you are young enough to have here he said something in a lower tone of voice, which I did not distinctly hear; but whatever it was, the Deacon was pleased, he smiled and said he did not think of such things now.

'Tis a horrible testament mind ye, which you say and seal with your blood-stone, and the prophet Matthew tells us that on whomsoever it shall fall it will grind him to powder. Now, before all the work-folk here assembled, can you swear to your words as the shepherd asks ye?"

He recalled the long dull spring in New York after his break with Susy, the weary grind on his last articles, his listless speculations as to the cheapest and least boring way of disposing of the summer; and then the amazing luck of going, reluctantly and at the last minute, to spend a Sunday with the poor Nat Fulmers, in the wilds of New Hampshire, and of finding Susy there Susy, whom he had never even suspected of knowing anybody in the Fulmers' set!

These holes are made entirely by the falling water eddying round and round in a small hollow of the rock, and grinding the pebbles which it has brought down, against the bottom and sides of this hollow, just as you grind round a pestle in a mortar.

Because, you know, if people came and asked, 'How soon could you make me a coat? Hans just had to answer, 'Why, to-morrow of course; and then, when they were gone, he would go to the mill, and say, 'Little mill, grind a coat to fit Mr. Jones, and there it would be.

They would all draw in their breath at once, and you could actually see the walls of the house suck in and then they would all exhale their breath at once, and you could see the walls swell out, and strain, and hear the rafters crack, and the shingles grind together. My friend, take an old man's advice, and don't encumber yourself with a large family mind, I tell you, don't do it.

That's how the mills grind in this here all-conquering army. And the likes of us sit here and complain. 'If a man did that wrong to me Corporal Sam jumped to his feet and stared after the slight figure moving alone across the sandhills. Had his curiosity led him but a few paces farther, he had seen a strange sight indeed.