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Enchanted with his energy, his acuteness, and his foresight, fascinated by your increasing rent-roll, and the total disappearance of arrears, you dub him your right hand, introduce him to all your friends, and put him into Parliament; and then, fired by the ambition of rivalling his patron, he disburses, embezzles, and decamps. But where is our hero? Is he forgotten? Never!

"Wal, wal!" he cried. "You 'ain't live' to be hung yet, eh? Now you come lookin' for me, I bet." "Yes. You're the very man I want to see." "Good! I tak' you t'rough." Phillips smiled frankly. "I'm not sure I want to go through. I'm in charge of a big outfit and I'm looking for a pilot and a professional crew. I'm a perfect dub at this sort of thing." 'Poleon nodded.

"He is both powerful and exquisite, his verve always ready, his ingenuity invariably awake, his fecundity full of grace and magnificence. As for their Bramante with his masterpiece, that cold, correct Cancelleria, we'll dub him the Michael Angelo and Raffaelle of architecture and say no more about it.

'What did you get? 'I haven't decided. It might make a good turn, but the public aren't educated up to it yet. It's beyond 'em. If it wasn't, that red dub on the Bench would be worth fifty a week. 'Where? said Woodhouse. The man looked at him with unaffected surprise. 'At any one of My places, he replied. 'But perhaps you live here? 'Good heavens! cried young Ollyett suddenly.

"He did. And they are fit for kings to ride on. The six he sent me must have cost him three thousand dollars. But where is the market for 'em? Who would buy one except one of these rajahs and princes of Asia and Africa? I've got 'em all on the list. I know every tan royal dub and smoked princerino from Mindanao to the Caspian Sea." "It's a long time between customers," I ventured.

That's the difference between the jumpers I turn out and some of these dub amateur-jumping outfits that fail to make good even on the bush circuits." Collins continually taught. A graduate from his school, an assistant who received from him a letter of recommendation, carried a high credential of a sheepskin into the trained-animal world.

"The Bow Wows are going down to Asbury Park for the summer, and I don't much care for the seashore, so I'll stay home and spend a few days with you. And in case that fox does come back " Well, Percival didn't say what he would do, but land sakes, flopsy dub! Oh me, and a potato pancake! You should have seen him show his teeth and growl.

"No matter about the Czech!" answered the girl. "I bring you better news than that. The lord has made you a knight and has sent you this by me." Having said this, she put beside him the girdle and the spurs. Zbyszko's pale cheeks flushed with joy and astonishment, he glanced at Danusia and then at the spurs; then he closed his eyes and began to repeat: "How could he dub me a knight?"

Meanwhile, at the captain's table, Mr Butler was expressing his opinion upon various subjects in loud, strident tones, and with a disputatiousness of manner that caused most of those about him mentally to dub him a blatant cad, and to resolve that they would have as little as possible to do with him.

"True," said Sir Ulick, "and we must keep his counsel, that he may not be dubbed a quiz not a word of this sort, Harry, for the Darrells, the Lardners, or the Dartfords." "I don't care whether they dub me a quiz or not," said Harry, hastily: "what are Darrells, Lardners, or Dartfords to me?" "They are something to me," said Sir Ulick. "Oh!