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Edward summoned a deputation from the London merchants and traders, before whom Adam appeared and explained his device. But these practical men at first ridiculed the notion as a madman's fancy, and it required all the art of Hastings to overcome their contempt, and appeal to the native acuteness of the king.

From out of a face white, as in death, and drawn with haggard lines of pain, a pair of great lustrous blue eyes were turned upon us, abject and pitiful as the gaze of a dumb beast that is stricken mortally. It needed no acuteness to apprehend that we had before us one of yesterday's defeated warriors; one who had spent his last strength in creeping hither to get his dying done in peace.

Many things exist of which we have no ideas chiefly because of the fewness of our senses and their lack of acuteness and just as many of which our ideas are only imperfect. Moreover, we are often able neither to command the ideas which we really possess, or at least might attain, nor to perceive their connexions.

This is precisely the doctrine, that the end sanctifies the means. Is it not wonderful, that any system should be so dark and despotic in its power as to induce the mind of an Edwards, ordinarily so amazing for its acuteness and so exalted in its piety, to vindicate the character of God upon such grounds? The defence of Edwards is neither more nor less than a play on the term evil.

'But, said she, 'I have both heard and read. ... 'Have ye heard, said he, 'any teach, but such as the Pope and his Cardinals have allowed? The Queen avoided a direct answer, but took the next point with unfailing acuteness. 'Ye interpret the Scriptures, said she, 'in one manner, and they interpret in another; whom shall I believe? and who shall be judge?

The affluent, without hesitation, or, indeed, opposition, appropriated to themselves the sole use of the word respectable, while taste, judgment, honesty, and wisdom, dropped like so many heirlooms quietly into the possession of those who had money. The Leaplowers are a people of great acuteness, and of singular knowledge of details.

Remove him quietly, and notify Dr. Southyard of what I say." But Dr. Zabriskie, who seemed to have an almost supernatural acuteness of hearing, gave a violent start at this, and spoke up for the first time with real passion in his voice: "No, no, I pray you. I can bear anything but that.

The sportsman takes advantage of this; and, as most species of dogs possess great acuteness of olfactory power, they can distinguish, or are readily taught to distinguish, not only the scent of the hare from that of the fox, but that of the hare or fox which they are pursuing from that of half a dozen others that may be started during the chase.

Jonson his confidant, in any of those affairs which it was so essentially his advantage to confine exclusively to himself; yet the acuteness and penetration visible in the character of the worthy Job, might not have lain so fallow during his companionship with Thornton, but that it might have made some discoveries which would considerably assist me in my researches; besides, as it is literally true in the systematized roguery of London, that "birds of a feather flock together," it was by no means unlikely that the honest Job might be honoured with the friendship of Mr.

Realizing all this in an instant, I snatched up my belongings, and hurried to get out before he should get in. When I emerged, the chat set up his loudest and most triumphant shouts. "Again we have fooled you," he seemed to say; "again we have thrown your poor human acuteness off the scent! We shall manage to bring up our babies in safety, in spite of you!"