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We have adopted on my property a plan which I think in these climates is the cheapest and best.

There it lay before her, her sole romance, in all its paltry poverty, the cheapest of cheap adventures, the most pitiful of sentimental blunders. She looked about her room, the room where, for so many years, if her heart had been quiescent her thoughts had been alive, and pictured herself henceforth cowering before a throng of mean suspicions, of unavowed compromises and concessions.

The costliest efforts are no more highly paid in proportion to their worth than the cheapest; the most invaluable services are scarcely better recognized than those most easily dispensed with or replaced.

They always try to get off as cheaply as they can; and the cheapest of all things they can give a literary man pardon the forlorn pleasantry! is the funny-bone. That is all very well so far as it goes, but satisfies no man, and makes a good many angry, as I told you on a former occasion. Oh, indeed, no! I am not ashamed to make you laugh, occasionally.

Ordinarily, however, camel's hair is coarse and is used for the cheapest textiles. Arabia is the source from which a large proportion of the camels used in the caravan trade of Asia and Africa is obtained. Fermented camel's milk is much used all over western Asia. The Arabian horse has been famous in literature and in song for more than two thousand years.

She had asked if there were any chance of getting a bath, to be surprised at the astonished looks on the faces of the others. At a quarter to eight, they scurried down to breakfast, at which meal Miss Striem presided, as at supper. Breakfast consisted of thick bread, salt butter, and the cheapest of cheap tea. It was as much as Mavis could do to get any of it down, although she was hungry.

So we may exist without fruits and vegetables, but it is worth while to stop and consider what we gain by their use. We shall have to admit at the outset that if we have to spend money or labor for them, fruits and vegetables are not the cheapest source of fuel for the human machine.

When he had welcomed his visitor, Kite pointed to the bottle. "I got used to it in Paris," he said, "and it helps me to work. I shan't offer you any, or you might be made ill; the cheapest claret on the market, but it reminds me of of things." There rose in Otway's mind a suspicion that, to-day at all events, Kite had found his cheap claret rather too seductive.

We have to do with what has been called the "economic man". He is not, happily, the real man. He is an imaginary being, whose sole principle of action is to buy in the cheapest and sell in the dearest market: a man, more briefly, who always prefers a guinea even a dirty guinea to a pound of the cleanest.

He had tried to arrange this part of their expenses in the best and cheapest way possible; but it appeared that their own horses came dearer than hired horses, and they still hired too. "Send for the veterinary, there may be a bruise." "And for Katerina Alexandrovna?" asked Kouzma.