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But I know he's just as conceited and disagreeable as most parsons he probably thinks that he helps to turn this world and the next round on his little finger, and I daresay he tells the poor village folk here that if they don't obey him, they'll go to hell, and if they do, they'll fly straight to heaven and put on golden crowns at once. Dear me! What a ridiculous state of things!

And then when the apostle is making an enumeration of the various offices and agencies in the New Testament church of his day, after apostles and teachers and gifts of healing, he says, 'helps, assistants, that is, succourers, especially of the sick and the aged and the poor.

But such easy methods of pulpit preparation are not tolerated in this country, unless in respect of the youngest ecclesiastics; and even they are compelled to be exceedingly chary in the use even of the printed skeletons to be found in most Episcopal libraries not venturing to let their people know of the existence of such "helps," much less that they are in the habit of cutting out their sermons by such patterns.

It seemed to the others rather hard that granny should lavish all her benefits upon Eliza, while their own families got only little presents and helps now and then. But Lizzie was always the one with mother, they said, though goodness knows she had cost enough in her lifetime without leaving such a charge on granny's hands.

"We'll live," she answered him. "I got a job today barmaid, on your beat, where being your wife helps." He could think of nothing to say to it; but after supper, he went to Izzy's room to arrange for a raid on Municipal territory. Such small raids were nominally on the excuse of extending the boundaries, but actually they were out-and-out looting.

"I understand," said the Harvester. "But if you will observe, you will see that she is quiet when I stroke her head and hands, and if you notice closely you will grant that she gets a word occasionally. If it is the right one, it helps. She knows my voice and touch, and she is less nervous and afraid with me. Watch a minute!"

They must either die upon them, as many in fact do, or else they must be assisted by other funds. There are, at least, three classes of female workers whose competition helps to keep wages below the point of bare subsistence in the employments which they enter.

You says yourself that the Lord helps them as helps themselves, which goes to show I'll just make a stab for another piece o' that junk before some other son of a gun runs afoul of it an' helps himself. Which would be goin', o' course, agin the will o' the Lord." Sackett hardly breathed. His face turned purple with rage.

So the blessing of blessings is the 'goodwill of Him that dwelt in the bush. In my text this is an invocation only; but we can go further than that. You and I can make sure that we have it, if we will. How to secure it? One of the texts which I have already quoted helps us a little way along t he road in answer to that question, for it says, 'Thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous.

The entire rental of that one house helps fill somebody's pocketbook 'plum' full. It was a lovely plan I cried instead of laughing over it and when I see you I am going to hug you for it! But, dear, I'll see if I can find out who Somebody is, if you still want to know. It will be a simple matter, I should say.