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They stared at each other a moment. "Is he a friend of yours?" inquired the spokesman after an uncertain moment. "He likes fair play," said Johnny enigmatically. The trio moved off in the direction of town. "We don't know any more about Danny Randall than we did," observed Johnny, "but I tried a shot in the dark."

Carlyle has dramatised from Lacretelle, concerning the canaille, the masses, as we used to call them a generation since: "A dumb generation their voice only an inarticulate cry. Spokesman, in the king's council, in the world's forum, they have none that finds credence.

"One moment," said the professional man indignantly, "there is a man here whom you have spared, a man who lately joined us. Is that man," pointing to the astonished Key, "one of your confederates?" "That man," returned the spokesman with a laugh, "is the owner of the Sylvan Hollow Mine.

Every back stiffened and every hand went up in salute as these men advanced and took their position in front of Bruce, the recognized spokesman of the troop. The Mayor acknowledged the salute in quite the proper manner, as did the others; then, clearing his throat, he spoke. "Scouts, I have asked you here because you can be of service to Woodbridge. The town needs you.

Since he could prevent any ships from landing, and inasmuch as the United States marshal was present to enforce the quarantine, he seemed to be master of the situation. "How long will we be tied up?" demanded the spokesman of the party. "That is hard to say." "Well, we're going to leave this camp!" the man declared, darkly. "Indeed? Where are you going?" "We're going to Hope.

Mass meetings were held, with Kent as spokesman for the League, and the outcome was a decency triumph which brought Kent's name into grateful public prominence. Hildreth played an able second, and by the time the obnoxious ordinance had been safely tabled, Kent had a semi-political following which was all his own.

Harwood was conscious that he was one of the chief figures in the convention; every one knew him now; he was called here and there on the floor, by men anxious to impress themselves upon Bassett's authorized spokesman. It is a fine thing at twenty-seven to find the doors of opportunity flung wide and had he not crossed the threshold and passed within the portal?

"Ask him to come up here, and we will arrange things," returned the ruffian with unblushing effrontery. "The commander will do nothing of the sort," replied the colonel indignantly. "Do you really believe that he would trust himself with such cutthroats as you are?" "We will agree not to hurt him, though he has used us very unfairly," said the spokesman. "He has tried to murder all of us!"

"King," answered their spokesman, "we are captains of the Nobambe, the Nodwenge, and the Isangu regiments whom thou didst send to destroy the chief, Madaku and his people, who dwell far away in the swamp land to the north near where the Great River runs into the sea.

Nellie Morris says dogs never howl that way unless somebody is dead or dying; and she left her mother sick, and is almost frantic. Please take him away, and don't ever bring him near us again!" "But but he isn't mine at all," replied Dan, staring at the big dog, who, shivering and wretched as he seemed, awoke some vague memory. "Then whose is he?" asked a pretty spokesman, severely.

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