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Since the Christian Renaissance, new ideas and knowledge notwithstanding, the world has grown rotten with decency and order. It takes more than the rediscovery of Greek texts and Graeco-Roman statues to provoke the cataclysms and earthquakes with which it grew young. The art of the High Renaissance was conditioned by the demands of its patrons.

And he, that cur, that false villain! out of what depths of hell did he derive the courage to go through with this mummery? had he no heart, no conscience, no sense of decency, no fear of God? He tore the letter into fragments and set about effacing the matter from his thoughts. Pitt had meant kindly by him, but had dealt cruelly.

Nothing is cheaper than living in an inn in a country town in France; they being obliged to ask no more than twenty-five sous for dinner, and thirty for supper and lodging, of those that eat at the public table; which all the young men of quality I have met have always done. It is true I am forced to pay double, because I think the decency of my sex confines me to eat in my chamber.

GORDÉY KÁRPYCH. This is simply disgusting! If you don't know yourself how to observe decency, then sit in your hovel! If you haven't anything to wear, then don't have any fancies! You write verses, you wish to educate yourself and you go about looking like a factory hand! Does education consist in this, in singing idiotic songs?

Indeed, as she explained to Marjorie, whom she met at the foot of the stairs, it was only by the help of the saints and her own good decency that she didn't follow him into his room and stay there to watch him unpack.

In fact William rather exceeded reason in that matter and dropped in at supper-time too often for decency; but it was his sweetheart and not Jonas who opened his eyes to his manners and told him there was reason in all things. They weren't none too mad in love, as Jonas found out in course of time.

Apply this fact to the question of discipline: young men beyond twenty, generally, that is to say, of the age which qualifies men for seats in the national council, can hardly, with decency, either be called or treated as boys; and many things become impossible as applied to them, which might be of easy imposition upon an assemblage really childish.

Oswyn smiled with some irony; and Sylvester suppressed a little shudder, reflecting that the man's uncouthness almost transgressed the bounds of decency. "I can quote your own words on a previous occasion: it concerns the honour of a friend the honour of your family, if you like it better." Sylvester shut his volume sharply, glanced up at the other with suppressed irritation.

Come, be off, as you've no respect for principles." Bazouge moved away, but one could hear him stuttering as he dragged along the pavement: "Well! What? Principles! There's no such thing as principles, there's no such thing as principles there's only common decency!" At length ten o'clock struck. The hearse was late.

"Oh, I will release you from further molestation by this madman, for I tell you the gentle words of your husband will not be able to do so. Baron Weichs is not the man to lend a willing ear to sensible remonstrances or to the requirements of propriety and decency.

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