And when one day, after a stuttering preamble that lasted a full half hour, he finally blurted out his heart-hankering, she wept a little while on his shoulder it being luckily a time when there was no one passing and then sobbingly declared it could never be. "'Fraid of your brother, hey?" he inquired. She bumped her forehead gently on his shoulder in nod of assent. "I reckon ye like me?"

In practically every case of stammering some such peculiarity is evident, resulting from the inability of the stammerer's brain to control physical actions. Paradoxical as the statement may seem, it is nevertheless true that one of the symptoms of least seeming importance marks one of the most dangerous aspects of both stuttering and stammering.

He stared at me sullenly. "I'm releasing you from arrest temporarily on your own parole, Major," I said. "I want you to study the reply to our last transmission, and tell me what you can about it." "Why me?" Kramer said. "I don't know what's going on." I didn't answer him. There was a long tense half hour wait before Mannion copied out the reply that came in a stuttering nasal. He handed it to me.

"Sam was the fust to speak, and, without wasting time stuttering or stammering, he said he'd go down and see about that bit o' bread, an' he went afore the skipper or the mate could stop 'im. "In less than 'arf a minute there was only the three officers an' me on deck. The second mate was holding the wheel, the skipper was holding his breath, and the first mate was holding me.

And the stuttering boy, brought to his senses by the admonition of his chum, did actually pucker up his lips, emit a sharp little whistle, and then working the muscles of his face as though trying to make a grimace, managed to utter just one word, which however thrilled the balance of the shivering group through and through, for that word was the magical one: "Boat!"

But I was never content. I would rather have been the Captain of their football club, even his deputy Vice; would have given all my meed of laughter for stuttering Jerry's one round of applause when in our match against Highbury he knocked up his century, and so won the victory for us by just three. Till the end I never quite abandoned hope of exchanging my vine leaves for the laurels.

"Sometimes you make me so mad, Ann Craddock, that that " Matthew was stuttering when Uncle Cradd appeared at the back door to chat with him, and I made my escape through the barn and out into the woods.

I have had in my hands the writing called Gigans " Here my uncle was afflicted by the natural infirmity which prevented him from pronouncing difficult words in public. It was not exactly stuttering, but a strange sort of constitutional hesitation. "The writing named Gigans " he repeated. He, however, could get no further. "Giganteo " Impossible! The unfortunate word would not come out.

They usually start in childhood with a case of simple stuttering which, if treated then, could be eradicated quickly and easily. From this stage they usually pass into the trouble of a compound nature, known as combined stammering and stuttering.

He emerged, a thin and bedraggled creature, with nothing left on him but the upper part of a pair of old trousers, but still Hans, undoubtedly Hans. He ran to me, and seizing my foot, kissed it again and again, weeping tears of joy and stuttering: "Oh, baas, to think that I should find you who were dead, alive, and find myself alive, too.