Not that there are not German Jews, but their tongue has not the knack of the pure, guttural German of Prussia. And this man's voice had none of the nasal, throaty tones of Yiddish. "Whew!" whistled Joe, as he and Blake looked into the tell-tale mirror. "That looks bad!" "Hush!" cautioned Blake. "The transoms are open and he may hear you."

The word is often limited to nasal catarrh. The collection of large nerves descending from the lower end of the spinal cord. The name of the tiny miscroscopic elements, which, with slender threads or fibers, make up most of the body; they were once believed to be little hollow chambers; hence the name. Cement. The substance which forms the outer part of the fang of a tooth.

I once knew a man with lung trouble who inadvertently strayed into an oculist's and was looked over and sent away with an order on an optician. And should you through error stray into the office of a nose and throat specialist, and ask him to treat you for varicose veins, he would probably do so by nasal douche.

His eyes were rather small, but very bright; the eyebrows black and almost bushy; his nose was well-formed and somewhat long, but not so as to give that peculiar idea of length to his face which comes from great nasal prolongation. His upper lip was short, and his mouth large and manly. The strength of his character was better shown by his mouth than by any other feature.

She wondered how long it would be before she should see Dr. Dudley and Miss Lucy. Were they worrying about her and trying to find her? She could only guess. "I b'lieve I'll run up and get that ginger-bread receipt of Mis' Moore's." The nasal voice broke in rudely upon the wondering. Mrs. Bean shook the threads from her apron, and turned towards the door.

Decie said to Greta. "I don't know I really do not know " began Miss Naylor; "he has very high boots," but Greta was already on her way, with hands clasped behind her, and demure eyes taking in the stranger's figure. "Please?" she said, when she was close to him. The stranger took his cap off with a jerk. "This house has no bells," he said in a nasal voice; "it has a tendency to discourage one."

Madame de Bourboulon thus describes the hospitable reception given to the travellers: "We knocked at the door of a tolerably spacious house, situated near the entrance to the village: it was an elementary school; we could hear the nasal drone of the children repeating their lessons.

If these can be reached, as the nostrils, or even the bowels, may be by syringing, then nothing is better to effect a cure than cool water and vinegar, or weak acetic acid. Brush the nostrils often with this, and cold in the head will soon be cured. It can be applied still better by means of a nasal douche.

The prince commanded to row to the mound. Meanwhile they had taken the man from the river, let him cough out water, and seized him a second time by the legs, in spite of the unearthly screams of his wife, who fell to biting the men who had seized her. "Stop!" cried Ramses to those who were dragging the earth-tiller. "Do your duty!" cried he of the sheepskin wig, in nasal tones.

There is an almost infinite variety of throaty tones, and of nasal sounds as well. The knowledge of the voice obtained by listening to vocal tones is of equally wide extent. Every throaty tone, whatever its precise character, informs the hearer of the exact condition of the singer's throat in producing the tone.