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Stretch some of the fibers to show their extensibility; on freeing them, they regain their elasticity. Experiment 98. Take some of the serum saved from Experiment 88 and note that it does not coagulate spontaneously. Boil a little in a test tube over a spirit lamp, and the albumen will coagulate. Experiment 99.

Harry slept hard all through the night and nature completed her task of restoring the worn fibers. He was roused shortly after dawn and the cooks were ready with breakfast for the army. He ate hungrily and when he would stop, one of his comrades who had slept with him in the tent told him to eat more. "You need a lot to go on when you march with Jackson," he said.

It is the theory of the beating process that the fibers are not cut, but are drawn out to their utmost extent. In watching the operations of the "beater," one notices on the surface of the slowly revolving mass of fibers, floating bluing, such as the thrifty housewife uses to whiten fine fabrics.

Charley drew from his pocket the little microscope he used in his class in botany in the high school. Over and over he turned the scorched scrap of pasteboard, studying it intently. "The fibers are arranged in a peculiar way," he said, "and there's an almost invisible machine marking of a peculiar pattern. The color of the pasteboard was a dark green."

The little girl replied politely that she was glad she had been of use. "I know what chippies' nests are made of," said Mollie: "fine roots and fibers, and lined beautifully with soft fine hair," "Did you watch the birds while they were making it, Mollie?"

To touch a piece of cloth, even lightly, will result in the catching of a few of its fibers. Similarly, the finger nails will deposit either a small or large portion of their accumulation upon such things as the knife blades or files used to clean them; and there identification still is possible. Nothing in the world is too infinitesimal for use as evidence beneath the microscope.

The knives on the roll in the beater are grouped three together instead of two, and are placed nearer the bottom or bed-plate in order to separate more thoroughly the fibers. In the beater are performed many and varying manipulations, designed not only to secure a more perfect product but also to produce different varieties of paper.

It is believed that this functional heart trouble is caused by the increased connective-tissue fibers of the sexual organs acting in some unknown way on the terminal fibers of the sympathetic; and it is not infrequently due to the formation of scar tissue at the seat of a cervical laceration, and has often been promptly and permanently relieved by removing the cicatricial tissue and suturing the wound.

And when the tree is about to fall, warned by the faint crackling of the strained fibers, they jump to the ground, and stand back out of danger from flying limbs, while the noble giant that had stood erect in glorious strength and beauty century after century, bows low at last and with gasp and groan and booming throb falls to earth.

In the case of all fibers, whether rag or wood, painstaking work counts, and the excellence of the paper is largely dependent upon the time and care given to the reduction of the pulp from the original raw material.

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