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Think it over and call on me when you are in a pleasanter frame of mind. If you don't come by noon to-morrow I'll go to the Graham Glacier without you." He was attempting to kick me all the time, but I managed to avoid him, and when I had finished I gave him a shove which almost loosened his spinal column.

It is, therefore, of no use to you to consider the various divisions of the sympathetic nerve system, since the sympathetic nerve system in its entirety belongs to the field of unconscious mental action. It operates without our knowledge and without our will. The cerebro-spinal system consists of the spinal cord and the brain. The brain in turn is made up of two principal subdivisions.

First, treat the lowest part of the cerebellum, on both sides of the spinal cord, with a mild force; using P. P. upon these organs of amativeness, and N. P. on the dorsal vertebræ. Treat so some three minutes.

Of all the microphotographs we have seen, those made by Dr. John Dean, of Boston, from his own sections of the spinal cord, are the most remarkable for the light they throw on the minute structure of the body. The sections made by Dr.

And Aunt Elizabeth replied that she certainly was, and she went after she had exchanged greetings with the family and kissed Peggy's tear-stained little face. Charles Edward's wife actually straightened her spinal column, she was so amazed at the sight of me in my rose-colored array.

Shall I be frightened at her?" "She is the sweetest and most gentle of girls doubly gentle from her great affliction." "What affliction?" she asked eagerly, "you did not tell me there was anything the matter with her." "She has a spinal complaint," I replied, "and is unable to move." "Is it quite incurable?" she asked again.

Then remove the N. P., substituting for the sponge-roll the end-sponge cup, and place this upon the spine at the lower part of the neck. Now manipulate with side-sponge cup, P. P., over the trunk generally, from the lower to the upper parts; giving special attention to the spinal column by treating it somewhat more than other parts. Treat the trunk some five to eight minutes.

In addition to the above there is a distinct system termed the sympathetic. The sympathetic system consists of a long cord, studded with ganglia, extending from the base of the neck to the sacrum. The ganglia are connected with the inferior roots of the spinal nerves.

The ribs connect with the spinal column behind, and all but the two lowest ones connect with the sternum in front, and, by so doing, inclose the thoracic cavity. The ribs are so arranged that the volume of the thorax is increased by elevating them and diminished by depressing them, enabling the air to be forced into and out of the lungs.

It is said that when Elizabeth of Genton was being whipped she believed herself united with her ideal and would cry out in the loudest tones of the joys of love. There is undoubtedly a sympathetic communication between the ramifying nerves of the skin of the loins and the lower portion of the spinal cord which contains the sexual centers.

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