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At the entrance of the gloomy gorge above described, Robin came to a stand, and refusing to move at a jerk from his master, the latter raised himself, and looked forward to see what could be the cause of the stoppage. No impediment was visible, but the animal obstinately refused to go on, though urged both by word and spur. This stoppage necessarily delayed the rest of the cavalcade.

"I have it!" murmured Holman. "Wait till he unhooks the bundle." We let the rope run through our hands till the package of food touched the rock floor. The line had a small hook upon the end, and the moment Soma felt that the parcel had reached the bottom of the place, he dexterously unhooked it with a slight jerk and started to haul in. "Now!" whispered the youngster. "A big pull!

"Don't," Napoleon advised. Mrs. Lively with a sudden jerk sat bolt upright, as straight as a crock. "Who asked you for your advice?" she demanded sharply. The young Lively swallowed three times distinctly, and then replied, while shaking the pepper-box over his potato, "Nobody." "Then, why can't you keep it to yourself?" "Can." "Then, why don't you do it?" "Do." "You exasperating boy!

He failed to recognize me among the others until I stepped out into the boiling sun, and spoke: "What is that firing to the right, General? Are the Jersey militia in action?" He drew up his horse with a jerk. "That you, Lawrence? Can't tell anybody in this shirt-sleeved brigade. What's become of your horse?" "Gave out yesterday, sir. Have been on foot ever since. Is it going to be a fight?"

Near the elbow in the lower road, at the foot of the precipice, where lay so still the form of pretty Dorothy Dale, the old horse slowed up. Mrs. Hobbs saw the girl lying by the water's edge. "Mercy on us, Josiah!" she cried. "It's a girl!" "Sure as you live!" replied the old man, giving the reins a jerk. "What can have happened to the little one?"

He did not seek either woods or river, for nuts or fishes, but hung about the post-office till Reuben Smith drove tooting down South Hill into the village street on his way outward toward the county town. The stage drew up with a jerk, Reuben stepped down with unusual liveliness, and behold! there were two patrons ready with orders to be executed. Miss Eunice and Montgomery Sturtevant.

One day the master ascended the seat from which he taught, and began to speak regarding the great truth. Sun Wu Kung understood the hidden meaning of his words, and commenced to jerk about and dance in his joy. The master reproved him: "Sun Wu Kung, you have still not laid aside your wild nature! What do you mean by carrying on in such an unfitting manner?"

Andrii seized the sack abruptly with one hand and gave it a jerk, so that Ostap's head fell to the ground. The elder brother sprang up in his sleep, and, sitting there with closed eyes, shouted at the top of his lungs, "Stop them! Stop the cursed Lyakhs! Catch the horses! catch the horses!" "Silence! I'll kill you," shouted Andrii in terror, flourishing the sack over him.

I can fancy exactly how that ship felt, because just as the first hiss of steam greeted my ears and I felt that engine move, I felt a peculiar thrill run along my keel, and my heart was in my mouth. She did not start quite fast enough for me, so I gave the throttle another jerk, and whew! how those big drivers did fly around! I shut her off quickly, gave her a little sand, and started again.

'Course I 'pologized; and I kissed her muddy rubbers when she wasn't looking; and I gave her all my money for a new feather" she stopped, and sighed deeply; "and here is the money you gave me to go to the theater. So now I haven't any money at all, in the world." Poor Robert Ferguson, with a despairing jerk at the black ribbon of his glasses, leaned back in his chair, helpless with perplexity.