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It was discovered that his sensitiveness to his companion's attack on Joseph Louden arose from the fact that Joe had obtained the acquittal of an imbecile sister of the blind man, a two-thirds-witted woman who had been charged with bigamy. The Tocsin made what it could of this, and so dexterously that the wrath of Canaan was one farther jot increased against the shyster.

Then wading into the brook, he began to wash the gore from his head and face: one of his people, who from his official air of bustling alacrity, must have been a professional character, or at least an amateur surgeon, examined the wounds, and dexterously applied an improvised poultice of chewed leaves to his gashed face, using broad strips of bark for bandages.

MacGregor were busy with the sailing of the vessel, which seemed to require a great deal of management at this stage; and Harry's soul became filled with envy as he saw the other boys helping them dexterously as though they had passed their lives on board a ship.

Dictionary useful but ..." he flipped pages dexterously, "extremely cumbrous. If honorable Seaton can do, shall be extreme ... gratification." He bowed again, smiled, and went out. "I'll do just that little thing. So long, folks, I'm going up to the shop." Day after day the Skylark plunged through the vast emptiness of the interstellar reaches.

After having enjoyed the same spectacle in the British Museum, no very new or singular objects can be selected in this. One of the rarest articles it contains is the representation in wax of a human head, most dexterously flayed indeed! Rapturous encomiums have been bestowed by amateurs on this performance.

He was very fond of beer, and the loafers about the tavern often gave him a bottle to see how dexterously he would twist off the wire and work out the cork. As soon as it popped, he would turn it up between his paws and drink to the last drop. The monotony of his life was occasionally varied with a dog fight. His tormentors would bring their Bear dogs "to try them on the cub."

The Chancellor and Lord Southampton were commissioned by the King to confer about his transfer to another office, where his peculiarities might be less inconvenient. They were to arrange that he should be Privy Seal, and the precedence which that post would give him was to be a solace to his susceptible pride. The transaction had to be managed dexterously.

The whole proposal bore the stamp of moderation, honesty, and solidity, with which a democratic party-character was very dexterously combined; for in substance it amounted to the re-establishment of the Capuan colony founded in the time of Marius and again done away by Sulla. In form too Caesar observed all possible consideration.

Even at the mock menace Joan trembled a little, but to her astonishment Satan paid not the slightest heed. Dan sat with his hat on his head which was a new and delightful event at the table and now the stallion took the hat by the crown, dexterously, and raised it just an inch and put it back in place.

"That gives me two hours and a half. Don't be later than twelve-thirty, Olga mia, for starting back." Olga promised, as she dexterously turned the car and ran in up the drive. He sprang upon the step, and so she brought him to his own door. "Good-bye, Nick!" she said then, lifting her bright face. He bent and lightly kissed her. "Good-bye! Don't go and get drowned, either of you, for my sake!

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