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You could hear the hiss and seething of the sea alongside, and see it flash by in sudden white patches of phosphorescent foam, while all overhead was black with the flying scud. The English second-mate was stamping with vexation, and, with all his ills misplaced, storming at the men: "'An'somely the weather main- brace, 'an'somely, I tell you!

It was almost electrical. "Where?" he demanded, peering out into the shining night over the man's furry shoulder. The half-breed raised a pointing whip ahead and to the south. "Sure," he said. "I hear him." Bull had heard nothing. Nothing but the hiss of the snow under their own runners, and the whimper of their own dogs. "It wouldn't be a wolf or fox?" he demurred.

He could be made to sing, hiss, squeal, whistle, and make all kinds of sounds, but, unless the bands that held him in were strong enough, or if Vuur got too hot, or his mother would not give him drink enough, when the iron pipes were red with heat, he would lose his temper and explode. He had no respect for bad or neglected boilers, or for lazy or careless firemen and engineers.

And his words scarcely died in our ears before, crash upon crash, came the fall of the age-long trees in the forest; and nearer, all near us, through the blazing grasses, the hiss of the serpents, the scream of-the birds, and the bellow and tramp of the herds plunging wild through the billowy red of their pastures.

The negro bowed, disappeared into the cook's galley and returned with glasses and a bottle of champagne. He poured a glass, which Gard drank gratefully. Gard heard Langley and Denning moving about their stateroom. The noise of the terminal rang an iron chorus, accompanied by whistles and the hiss of escaping steam. The private car was attached to the express, and the return journey began.

Fire the rocket down there below!" shouted the lieutenant in command. The order was quickly conveyed to the boat, and up flew a rocket with a loud hiss through the darkness, its bright stream of light forming a beautiful curve over the fortress.

Darvid turned to her quickly, and said with a prolonged hiss: "Why?" She raised sad eyes to him, and with a voice in which Malvina's sweet tones were heard, she answered: "I am not sure that anyone could tell why he or she loves.

With a bow, he takes the parchment and turns to quit the scene. It is at this moment, that somewhere or other in the hall, there rises a faint, almost whispered, hiss. Slight as it is, it falls with startling effect upon the dead silence which reigns. Then, like the first whisper of a storm, it suddenly grows and swells and rushes, angrily and witheringly, about the head of the wretched Oliver.

I did not dare to look in his face, but could tell his agony by his short and laboured breathing. Luckily his torture did not last long, for the curtain quickly rose for Scene 2. The scene was beautifully painted and awakened a momentary enthusiasm in the audience. It died away, however, as Sebastian and Valentine entered. I caught the sound of a faint hiss, saw one or two people yawning; and then

He wanted information; he must have it! To be so ignorant of what was going on was unbearable frustration. If they were now prisoners in a ship leaving the island behind.... The threat of that was enough to set Ross struggling with his bonds until he lay panting with exhaustion. "Rossss?" Only a Hawaikan could make that name a hiss. "Here! Loketh?" But of course it was Loketh. "I am here."

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