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"Youngster," said he, "you're a brave fellow. You've done us a good service to-day. You're a pretty cool hand, you are. I don't know what these foolish horses would have done with the carriage if it had not been for you." "Let me get out," exclaimed the lady, not yet recovered from her fright.

Stuart succeeded in securing from Colonel Sumner a leave of absence of two weeks to visit Fort Riley. The Colonel suspected the truth and teased the gallant youngster until he confessed. He handed Stuart the order with a hearty laugh. "It's all right, my boy. I've been young myself. Good luck." Stuart's laughter rang clear and hearty. "Thank you, Colonel. You had me scared."

For the same reason, all that had been told Fleur was: "We've got a youngster staying with us." The two yearlings, as Val called them in his thoughts, met therefore in a manner which for unpreparedness left nothing to be desired. They were thus introduced by Holly: "This is Jon, my little brother; Fleur's a cousin of ours, Jon."

"It happened," interrupted an old school-fellow of the Mohar's, who himself held a high appointment as officer of the city-watch of Thebes "It happened that an oar or a stake fell on his fingers." "Is it possible!" cried the Regent. "And quite a youngster laid hands on him," continued the officer. "My people told me every detail. First the boy killed his dog "

A child, an eager-faced youngster, ran from an arched gateway and pounced on the little object, rose, and held up a piece of stone, with intense annoyance and disgust plainly written on his face, threw it from him with an exclamation of disappointment. The two walked on chuckling. "Little bounder!" said one. "Thought he'd got a souvenir; rather a sell for him what?"

"She looks well, she shows what she's been through; but she's very handsome. And the boys are fine. We had the whole crowd down as far as Shark Light for a picnic last Sunday. Rachael has little Breck Pickering down there now; he's a nice little chap, younger than our Katrina Jim's age. The youngster is in paradise, sure enough, and putting on weight at a great rate."

Sometimes young fellows spoil their chances by doing so. Some of the old non-commissioned officers feel a bit jealous when they see a youngster likely to make his way up, and you know they can make it very hot for a fellow if they like. So be careful not to give them a chance. Even if you are blown up when you do not deserve it, it is better to hold your tongue than to kick against it.

Instead of wasting so much money on me in presents and other ways, I wish you would get me something to do, a profession that will last me all my life, so that I may be independent." "No mistake, you're a rum youngster. You can be my companion till further orders. That's a profession that will last you a goodish while."

The youngster knew and felt that his father was his father just as certainly as he felt that Mrs. Britling was not his mother. To his father he brought his successes and to his father he appealed. But he brought his successes more readily than he brought his troubles.

The animal, who was known in his neighbourhood as Wylde Boare, Esquire, on account of the extent of his property, received Bruin's advances with great caution, for he was naturally of a suspicious temper, his bright reddish eyes twinkling in a very unpleasant manner; perceiving, however, that his unexpected visitor was but a mere youngster, and that he looked very hungry and tired, he grunted out a surly sort of welcome, and, jerking his snout in the direction of the heap of provisions, bade him squat down and make a meal.

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