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Her dress was no longer the Nile green; it was made of brown cloth, and on the front was a row of glistening black buttons. At times Eleanore would make some remark to him, and he would reply. At times the remarks between the two spun out into a verbal skirmish. Eleanore teased, and he was gruff; or he mocked, and Eleanore delivered a curtain lecture.

"Won't I have it on your old fellows!" he teased. But he was grim, too. "Jim! You won't tell just yet!" she faltered. "I'll introduce you as my wife! They'll all think we eloped." "No. They'll say I ran after you!... Please, Jim! Keep it secret a little. It'll be hard for me. Aunt Jane will never understand." "Well, I'll keep it secret till you want to tell for two things," he said. "What?"

Suddenly involuntarily there flashed through his mind the recollection of his first love-passage with Alicia how she had stung him on, teased, and excited him. He crushed it at once, angrily. As to Lady Lucy, he smilingly declared that she had no doubt guessed something was in the wind. "I have been 'gey ill to live with' since we got up to town.

So she feigned that he teased her, saying, ''Tis that thou art no longer content with me as I am, O my husband! Then she said, 'Wert thou successful in thy dealings this day? His arm slackened round her, and he answered nothing. So she cried, 'Fie on thee, thou foolish one! and what is thy need of running over this city? Know I not thy case and thine occasion, O my beloved?

The Startling Placard What Happened to the Little Runaways The Rescue Mary Tells Them the Legend of the Swallows How Some Cruel Men were Punished who Teased an Orphan Boy. When Mary entered the children's bedroom one bright, pleasant morning she was amazed at finding both of the beds empty and a piece of foolscap paper pinned to the dressing table. The writing on it was beyond her power to read.

The queen's heart is with Burgundy, the city's hate is with France; and when once thou art gone, I fear that the king will be teased into mating my sister with the Count of Charolois." "Ho!" exclaimed Warwick, with an oath so loud that it rung through the chamber, and startled every ear that heard it.

She was there only because of a desire to make up ever so little for having teased him. He had been consistently generous to her. She had hoped, from his manner, that he was simply going to be nice and kind and not indulge in romantics. She was wrong, evidently. It was no new thing, though. She was well accustomed to his being dramatic and almost foreign.

Mahony! if you don't want him to fall a victim," teased Richard. "Remember our good John's inflammability. He's a very Leyden jar again at present." "No, indeed I don't," said Mary with emphasis. "But the children are the first consideration. Oh, dear! it does seem a shame that Tilly shouldn't have them to look after. And it would relieve John of so much responsibility.

Soon after dark the sky became overcast, the pines began dripping moisture, and a gentle breeze was heard murmuring in the tops of the trees. "Come, little nature child! What are the wild winds in the tree-tops saying?" teased Hippy, breaking an awed silence of several minutes. "I I don't rightly know," answered Emma, after listening intently to the whisperings in the pines.

He could appraise women quickly, and now and then he teased a woman of his acquaintance with a delightfully worded description of his ideal of a wife. If the woman thereafter carelessly indicated the possession of the desired qualities in herself, Peter saw that, too, but she never knew it, and never saw him laughing at her.

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