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I remember only that I was falling back, and should have dropped to the ground had not some one supported me. Who was it?" "I," answered Vinicius. "Oh, thou 'stern Mars'! Why wert thou not in Beneventum? They told me that thou wert ill, and indeed thy face is changed. But I heard that Croton wished to kill thee? Is that true?" "It is, and he broke my arm; but I defended myself."

"Hush, man!" said Almamen, quickly, and looking sharply round; "I thy countryman! Art thou not, as thy speech betokens, an Israelite?" "Yea," returned the Jew, "and of the same tribe as thy honoured father peace be with his ashes! I remembered thee at once, boy though thou wert when thy steps shook off the dust against Granada.

Oh, was I not a fool, a right noble fool, a vain fool, an arrogant fool, a very essence and concentration of all things that make a fool, to believe such delicious marvels of myself! What, man!" Dwarf-like and distorted, mean in stature and in lineament, thou wert, indeed, a glorious being to perpetuate grace and beauty, the majesties and dreams of art! Fame for thee, indeed ha-ha!

Birdalone drooped her head, and she spake in a low voice: Lo now! the shadow of parting and the shadow of death could not come between our present joy; but this shadow of the third one cometh between us and is present between us. Woe's me! how little did I think of this when thou wert away and I was sick of longing for the sight of thee, and deemed that that would heal it all.

Thou wert of lowly rank, in an age when gentle blood was alone held in regard; yet tiny virtues made thee hosts of friends, and chiefly among religious men, bishops, and doctors of the Church.

He stood grinning curiously on her awhile, and then laid his hand on her shoulder, and said as she raised her face to him: "Sweetheart, it availeth nought; when thou wert young and exceeding fair, he was but a little babe, and thou wert looking in those days to have babes of thine own; and then it was too soon: and now that he is such a beauteous young man, and a king's son withal, and thou art wedded to a careful carle of no weak heart, and thou thyself art more than two-score years old, it is too late.

I believed thou wert dead these seven years, and lo, here thou art alive! I knew thee the moment I saw thee; and main hard work it was to keep a stony countenance and seem to see none here but tuppenny knaves and rubbish o' the streets. I am old and poor, Sir Miles; but say the word and I will go forth and proclaim the truth though I be strangled for it." "No," said Hendon; "thou shalt not.

Let. Bel. Is it because thou'st broken all thy Vows? Take to thee Courage, and behold thy Slaughters. Let. Bel. Oh my Leticia! Let. I'm sure I grasp not Air; thou art no Fantom: Thy Arms return not empty to my Bosom, But meet a solid Treasure. Bel. A Treasure thou so easily threw'st away; A Riddle simple Love ne'er understood. Let. Alas, I heard, my Bellmour, thou wert dead. Bel.

"Now," quoth Owain, "would it not be well to go and endeavour to discover that place?" "By the hand of my friend," said Kai, "often dost thou utter that with thy tongue which thou wouldst not make good with thy deeds." "In very truth," said Gwenhwyvar, "it were better thou wert hanged, Kai, than to use such uncourteous speech towards a man like Owain."

Not many days have worn since then; but they have brought about changed days." He looked on her wistfully and said: "But thou wert dear to me then." "Yea," she said, "and thou to me; but other things have befallen, and there is change betwixt." "Nay, what change?" said Ralph. Even by the firelight he saw that she reddened as she answered: "I was a free woman then; now am I but a runaway thrall."