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He reached the building, took the elevator to the floor on which was situated the offices, and, curiously enough, the first person he saw, on emerging from the elevator, was the man whom he knew, waiting to ascend. The man, whose name was Fowler, recognized him at once, and greeted him, but with constraint.

It is to me the noise characteristic of this country this, and the cry of the falcon, which had in like manner greeted our entry into Japan. Over the valleys and the deep bay sail these birds, uttering, from time to time, their three cries, "Ha! ha! ha!" in a key of sadness that seems the extreme of painful astonishment. And the mountains around reecho their cry.

"That," said Penny, who had been in a dream and seen nothing, "is Not Out." I was disheartened to learn on this occasion that little boys could be so rude to those who were sacrificing their spare time to teach them cricket. "Really," sighed Penny, adjusting his tie, "unless you treat me with due respect, I will not come and coach you again." This was greeted with an unmannerly cheer.

A body of mounted men with torches met them, at the boundary of the estate; and accompanied them to the house, where all the tenants and clansmen were assembled. Great bonfires blazed, and scores of torches added to the picturesque effect. A party of pipers struck up an air of welcome as they drove forward, and a roar of cheering, and shouts of welcome greeted them.

He greeted me in a high, piping voice, limped across to the child, and sat down. "Your little maid, mister?" he said. I explained. "Ah," he said, "I've left a little darlin' like this at 'ome.

"It is very kind of you!" exclaimed Mary gratefully, realizing that here was a very different specimen of womanhood, from the good-natured slattern who had greeted her at Seal Cove. "We have to be kind to each other in these wilds, or we should be badly off sometimes," Mrs. Burton rejoined.

A long, echoing shout of surprise and delight greeted the Queen, for the courtiers, hastily summoned, were already awaiting her without, from the grey-haired epistolograph to the youngest page.

"It was joy enough to bring it in," he said. "Who did make it?" demanded Forester. "It was no caterer, I know." Charlotte attempted to escape quietly from the room, but Lanse barred the way. "Here she is," he said, and turned his sister about and made her face the company. A friendly round of applause greeted her, mingled with exclamations of surprise. They all knew Charlotte, or thought they did.

Dreux; it had not dimmed his pride nor coarsened his appreciation of beauty; he remained the gentle, suave, and agreeably cynical beau. Young girls had been known to rave over him, despite their mother's frowns; fathers and brothers called him Bernie and greeted him warmly at their clubs. But aside from Mr.

Prince, I have greeted you as it behoves me to greet the blood of Solomon and Pharaoh; now I add a word. Now I greet you as a father greets the man who has saved his only and beloved daughter from death, or shameful bondage. Know you, friends, what this stranger did since to-night's moonrise?