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He wrote the notes and gave them into Dudley's hands. "If they don't get in to-morrow's issue, they must wait over till election day. It's a pity this is Saturday but you'll have them in, I dare say." "Yes; I'll take them down," said Dudley. He descended in the elevator, walking rapidly when he reached the pavement. Diggs's parting words came back to him and he repeated them as he went.

She was aware also of a sudden sinking sensation, not dissimilar to the one that comes from a too rapid drop in an elevator. So Henry had come to her at the first possible moment to protest against "this Tom Reynolds."

And once he saw the man speak covertly with the elevator attendant, guarding his lips with a hand, and suspected that he was the subject of their communication. The lobby was still comfortably filled, a constant trickle of arrivals replacing in measure the losses by election and rejection, when Lanyard, watching the revolving doors, saw Cecelia Brooke coming in.

Emma belonged almost to another day and generation, although her face, like the faces of many old colored women, was unwrinkled. She had a dignity that the newer generation lacks, and a pride unknown to them. Peter and Emma went up in an elevator and were ushered into a private sitting-room, where were awaiting them Mr.

The mechanism jammed between the third and second floors and the elevator came to a stop with a suddenness that jarred the teeth of the passengers. It had begun to fall after leaving the seventh floor. For a moment every one stared at every one else stupidly. Bobby Littell was the first to find her voice. "Well, I guess we're all here," she observed matter-of-factly. "Esther, are you hurt?"

As it happened, there was not a very large crowd visiting the monument the day the Bobbseys were there, so they did not have long to wait for their turn in the elevator. "This isn't fast like the Woolworth Building elevators were," remarked Bert as they felt themselves being hoisted up. "No," agreed his father. "But this does very well.

To make her directions more accurate, she went to the steps and nodded at the hall-way. "The lady is my has just been having a consultation with me," said Mrs. Tarbell to the man in the red moustache, "and " "Which way?" said he. "Right up-stairs: the first door at the head of the stairs, on the third floor. I think you had better take her up in the elevator, because "

Davis chuckled, then sobered. "That's it, then. I'll see you all at the Tribunal, gentles in the meantime, we all have work to do." He stood. The others rose and bowed, then left. Corina waited until she and Medart were on an elevator to the Rangers' apartment floor, then she said, "It is strange, Jim.

I went into the city on the strafe car and I went to the biggest store in the city and I got in the elevator and I says to the naygur: 'Let me off where real ladies buy ready-to-wear dresses.

Having discovered what appeared to be the cause they surmounted the difficulty by 'trussing down' the camber of the wings, with the result that they at once got back to the old conditions of the previous year and could control the machine readily with small movements of the elevator, even being able to follow undulations in the ground.

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