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"Did you construct this tunnel under the pavement" pointing to where the telegraph wires entered the chamber "and install this outfit by yourself?" asked Chief Connor, breaking his long silence. Heinrich smiled. "You will never learn that from me and you should remember that your conduits are laid only seven inches below the surface of the street; it was hardly a man-sized job."

Cast away day-book and ledger, green bag and yardstick; let us go straightway into the country and buy a farm. But before the deeds are actually delivered, before your feet have finally deserted the pavement to make life-long acquaintance with the dew, it will be worth while to ascertain whether the pitcher's word is as good as its bond.

The incident of the children had shaken her nerves, and she longed to be away from the place and its associations. Even Eaglehawk Neck with its curious dog stages and its "natural pavement", did not interest her. McNab's blandishments were wearisome.

All right thanks thanks very much." His voice sounded dazed. He turned and went down the steps to the street; but when he reached the pavement he stood still again, as if he hardly knew what he was doing. When Sangster touched his arm he started violently. "What is it? Oh, yes I'm coming." He began to walk on at such a rate that Sangster could hardly keep pace with him.

When I'd said it she looked like some little hunted animal dogs was after that had run till its breath was gone an' its eyes was startin' from its head. Her little chest went up an' down with pantin'. I didn't wonder when I heard after that she'd dropped in the street in a dead faint." "Was that the day I picked her up as she lay on the pavement?" Miss Amory asked.

She did not guess how he was thinking of little clasping hands that had held there before; and he only said something rather hurriedly about avoiding some coals that were being taken in through a round hole in the pavement. Soon they were at the hotel; and Mrs.

She was handsome, too, when he came to look, very handsome when he came to look again, endowed with that city beauty which is like the beauty of wall-fruit, something finer in certain respects than can be reared off the pavement. The truth is, the miserable routinists who keep repeating invidiously Cowper's "God made the country and man made the town,"

Was it going to end amicably then? Coupeau and Lantier continued to converse on the edge of the pavement. They were still abusing each other, but in a friendly way. As people were staring at them, they ended by strolling leisurely side by side past the houses, turning round again every ten yards or so. A very animated conversation was now taking place.

From the beer-hall near by came the sound of music; over the pavement rattled a cart drawn by two weary dogs and followed by a yet wearier peasant-woman; with a brave clink-clank of spurs and sword strode by a brave lieutenant. Above all these sounds Fräulein Vogel's quick ear caught a light foot-fall on the bare stairs without. She crossed the parlor and flung open the door. "Mees."

I am expecting some despatches at my hotel. If you are successful this afternoon you will perhaps do me the honour of dining with me to-night. I will wait until eight-thirty." The two men parted upon the pavement. Mr.