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"Why, you certainly looked interested," returned the older man, laughing. "But I don't think you need apologize to the young lady. She's used to attention. Rather lives on it, I guess." The tone jarred on Hal. "I had a queer, momentary feeling that I'd seen her before," he said. "Don't you recall where?" "No," said Hal, startled. "Do I know her?"

Arline's eyes were wet, and there was a croak in her voice when she cried jubilantly: "Well, ain't that better 'n a sewin' machine or a piano?" But Val did not attempt an answer. She was staring staring as if she could not convince herself of the reality. Even Manley was jarred out of his gloomy meditations, and half rose in the seat that he might see over Hank's shoulder.

You'll have to do without me in a little time, and you'll be glad I'm gone. Dick felt his way back to the big chair, and wondered what these things might mean. He did not wish to be tended by the housekeeper, and yet Torpenhow's constant tenderness jarred on him. He did not exactly know what he wanted.

It was a night when one might listen to the music of the spheres, and Spencer was suddenly jarred into unpleasant consciousness of his surroundings by the raucous voices of some peasants bawling a Romansch ballad in a wayside wine house. Turning sharply on his heel, he took the road by the lake. There at least he would find peace from the strenuous amours of Margharita as trolled by the revelers.

Down they went, at first slowly and then more rapidly, till it seemed to them that they had descended over a thousand feet. Great monsters like whales swam to the vessel, as if attracted by the lights, and their massive bodies jarred against the glass walls as they turned to swim away. They sank about five hundred feet lower; and all at once the lights went out, and the boat gradually stopped.

The cake must not be moved or jarred while baking. The time will be forty to fifty minutes according to size of cake. Use powdered sugar for sponge-cake. Rose-water makes a good flavoring when a change from lemon is wanted. Separate the whites and yolks of four eggs, beat the whites stiff, and beat into them one-half cup of granulated sugar.

He is a large quoter, though, with his usual inconsistency, he says, "I am no admirer of quotations." In the Epimetheus of a poet usually as elegant as Gray himself, one's finer sense is a little jarred by the "Spectral gleam their snow-white dresses." "Those overwhelming armies.... Whose rear lay wrapt in night, while breaking dawn Roused the broad front and called the battle on."

He bolted in and sank on the lounge. In the lower berth Eustace Hignett was lying with closed eyes. He opened them languidly then stared. "Hullo!" he said. "I say! You're wet." Sam removed his clinging garments and hurried into a new suit. He was in no mood for conversation, and Eustace Hignett's frank curiosity jarred upon him.

"Not quite so 'tractive, too pale and want animation, when you're calm." She did not answer, but felt a quiver of repulsion. His voice was thick, his eyes had a stupid amorous look, and he smelt of whisky. Sadie was not remarkably fastidious; she had, for several years, managed a hotel, and had used her physical charm to attract the man, but she was jarred.

The sound, intensified there in that still place, jarred through Sally's senses. She roughly told herself that she was a fool. "You know I'm in a bank?" he began. "Yes; of course." "It's a private bank." "Really?" "Yes; what I mean is, they pay better than most banks usually do." "Really?" "And they're going to make me a cashier." "Oh, is that good?"

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