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Here, for the first time, Jeremy smelt the sea; the lanes had been hot, but here the wind blew across the moor, with the smell of sea-pinks and sea-gulls in it. The grass was short and rough; the soil was sand. On the horizon was the grey, melancholy tower of a deserted mine. Some bird flew with swiftly driving wings, crying as it went.

She saw the Dowager's paint t'other day, and asked her why she wore that red stuff didn't you, Trix? and the Tower; and St. James's; and the play; and the Prince George, and the Princess Anne didn't you, Trix?" "They are both very fat, and smelt of brandy," the child said. Papa roared with laughing. "Brandy!" he said. "And how do you know, Miss Pert?"

Then the male Isanusis began, and I could see well that by this time their hearts were fearful, for they smelt a snare. Yet the king's bidding must be done, and though their magic failed them here, victims must be found.

"Pick his stride or his horse's out of a hundred, and" he pulled out his nickel watch "he's ten minutes earlier than I expected him! Morning, Colonel Kirby!" he said pleasantly, as Kirby strode in, helmet in hand. "Take a seat." He noticed Kirby's scalp was red and that he smelt more than faintly of carbolic. "Morning!" said Kirby. "I'm wondering what's brought you," said the man in drab.

This change would have been very gratifying, had not a strong, disagreeable odour almost deprived me of my breath as I entered the room. It was unlike anything I had ever smelt before, and turned me so sick and faint that I had to cling to the door-post for support. "Where does this dreadful smell come from?"

Although the drain was not held by day, a patrol of bombers used to pass along it at intervals during the night. And it was part of my duties to wade through it every night. This was not a pleasant job, because you could not show a light and the mud smelt abominably. We were provided, however, with rubber boots reaching up to the thigh, so we did not get very wet.

He was a chronic shirk. He would not work, and there were not men enough in the regiment to get him into a fight. Soon after the campaign of 1863 opened in Virginia he was missing, and the next thing heard from him was that he had been discharged from some hospital for disability. He never smelt powder, and years after the war, he was to all appearance an able-bodied man.

The little train was nearly empty, and Joanna had a carriage to herself. She settled herself comfortably in a corner it was good to be coming home, even as things were. The day was very sunny and still. The blue sky was slightly misted a yellow haze which smelt of chaff and corn smudged together the sky and the marsh and the distant sea.

Engelman resumed, "Doctor Dormann asked his questions, and smelt and tasted the medicine, and with Madame Fontaine's full approval took away a little of it to be analyzed. That came to nothing! The medicine kept its own secret. All the ingredients but two set analysis at defiance! In the meantime we gave the first dose. Half an hour since we tried the second.

"Tell him for me that the night of the murder there was a onery breed-lookin' feller that smelt like a piece of Injun-tanned buckskin a settin' in Doc Fussel's drug store. He acted oneasy, as I come to think it over, and he went out jest before the killin'. I never thought of it at the time, but he might have been the feller that done it."

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