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Never before had either of them realized just what the meaning of forty-eight stories might be. For all their memories of this height were associated with smooth-sliding elevators that had whisked them up as though the tremendous height had been the merest trifle.

"Neither have I," Harding answered cheerfully. "I'm more used to riding in elevators and streetcars, but this sort of thing soon makes you fit." "You're not troubled with my complaint," Benson grumbled; and when Blake started the pony, he deliberately dropped behind. "He's in a black mood; we'll leave him to himself," Harding advised.

They were short circuited by the crash, just before the generator went out, and they were volatilized! Some juice!" With the aid of their improvised elevators, the three men attempted to explore the tremendous chamber. They had scarcely begun, when Wade exclaimed: "Bodies!" They crowded around his gruesome find and caught their first glimpse of the invaders from space.

The next application, model and pattern makers, are small users of power, as their occupation requires a large proportion of hand work. 50 per cent. service in the motor will be found a fair average maximum use, with instances as low as 20 or 25 per cent. The next application, direct power or belt elevators, is another application frequently met.

He was right with us till we got out to the elevators, and then I missed him." "No. He made it back to the ship about the same time we did, and he was all right then. Didn't even have a scratch. Strained his back at work, this morning, trying to lift a power-unit cartridge by hand." I could believe that. Those things weighed a couple of hundred pounds. Joe Kivelson swore.

If American capital and American enterprise dominate Canadian mines, Canadian timber interests, Canadian fisheries; if American elevators are strung across the grain provinces and American flour mills have branches established from Winnipeg to Calgary; if American implement companies and packing interests now universally control subsidiaries in Canada why was reciprocity rejected?

At the beginning of sexual excitement, Vaschide and Vurpas have observed, tonicity of the eye-muscles seems to increase; the elevators of the upper lids contract, so that the eyes look larger and their mobility and brightness are heightened; with the increase of muscular tonicity strabismus occurs, owing to the greater strength of the muscles that carry the eyes inward.

Simplicity, efficiency, and adaptability to any position in which elevators of this class are desirable, are the claims the patentees, Messrs. Behrns & Unruth, Lubeck, make for the advantages of their apparatus. London Miller. We illustrate below a useful type of dredger made by Messrs. Rennie, of Blackfriars, England. The drawing almost explains itself.

Show no mercy, as you will receive none remember that the quality you call 'mercy' does not exist upon Osnome." Rounding a great metal statue about fifty feet from the base of the towering dock, they saw that the door leading into one of the elevators was wide open and that two guards stood just inside it.

In this connection it has occurred to me that passenger elevators could be built at no great additional cost, with two cylinders, small and large, the two piston rods of which could be connected so as to both operate the same cable, either or both furnishing power, the smaller cylinder to be used for light loads, the larger for heavy work, and the two together for full capacity, this independent valve arrangement to be controlled by a separate cable running through the car.