His lower jaw had fallen; his lips moved, and no sound came from them. The three of us at the table rose to our feet. All our faculties were lashed to attention. Gillespie made a sort of gulp. "I've got terrible news," he said at last. I believe that one thought, and only one thought, circuited through the minds of the adjutant, Wilde, and myself: The colonel! we knew! we knew!

The boat circuited the walls till the travellers came to a gate, which Phlegyas, with a loud voice, told them to quit the boat and enter. But a thousand fallen angels crowded over the top of the gate, refusing to open it, and making furious gestures. At length they agreed to let Virgil speak with them inside; and he left Dante for a while, standing in terror without. The parley was in vain.

The yellow circle thrown by the Glow-worm's lamps was the only thing that linked us to earth and reason. Within that circle the mysterious shadows melted and no spirits dared dance. Then without warning the yellow circle dimmed and vanished, and left us completely at the mercy of the Shapes. The lights had gone out on the Glow-worm. "Probably short circuited," we heard Nyoda's voice say.

The taxicab swerved around on little better than two wheels, started on a mad dash down the Avenue and Jimmie Dale braced himself grimly in his seat. The cab swerved again, tore across Waverly Place, circuited Washington Square, crossed Broadway, and whirled finally into the upper end of the Bowery. Jimmie Dale spoke once to himself plaintively.

"Not knowing where Maubeuge is," she remarked, "my only thought is that something is wrong with the London press bureau. Perhaps the cables got crossed or short circuited or something. They don't usually allow the Germans to win two days in succession." "Don't interrupt, please," said Beth, earnestly. "This is too important a matter to be treated lightly. Read us the article, Uncle.

Impelled by the Frenchman's tremendous heave, the winged man shot forward and struck full, with a splashing sound, against the terrifically revolving armature. A thunderbolt seemed to explode in our faces. All in that room, we as well as the Orconites, reeled dazedly back. A stench of seared flesh and short circuited wires smote our nostrils.

He was 'full' all right circuited from tower to basement! On the level, he was so lit up that if every light on his machine had gone out the cops couldn't have said a word!" "James! Keep still!" whispered his wife, giving her sister a significant glance. "Why?" he exclaimed surprised. "Is there anything criminal in a man getting tanked up once in a while?" Fanny colored with vexation.

The wire was open for ten minutes and Burke was as mad as a March hare, when he reported it to me the next morning. I sent for Master Dick and informed him that another such a report against him would cause his instant dismissal. He seemed penitent enough, but two nights afterwards he short circuited all the main line batteries by his foolishness, and raised Cain in the office for a while.

Now the serious work of the journey begins. The Hill River, as this part of the river is called, is a series of rapids and portages where the cargo and boat have both to be carried around a rapid; of decharges where the cargo has thus to be carried, and of semi-decharges where a portion of the cargo only needs to be removed. At times waterfalls require to be circuited with great effort.

"Lights are off because relays opened when the crash short circuited them." Morey and the entire group were suddenly shaking. "Nervous shock," commented Zezdon Afthen. "It will be an hour or more before we will be in condition to work." "Can't wait," replied Arcot testily, his nerves on edge, too. "Morey, make some good strong coffee if you can, and we'll waste a little air on some smokes."