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He heard the shout and ran out just in time to see Nance go, and running to the slip he saw their clothes lying and the meaning of it all. Bern had hold of the miner by the collar of his coat, and was doing his best with one hand to tow him to the shingle at the head of the gulf, the almost drowned one splashing wildly and doing his utmost to get hold of and drown his rescuer.

When all is ready, the raft is pushed out into the current and drifts noiselessly down the river. The huge animals can be heard rolling and splashing in the water in the distance, but they are still hidden behind a bed of reeds. The raft glides gently past the point, but the hippopotami suspect no danger. One of them comes up close beside the raft.

For a week before Miss Granger's coming there had been heard the splashing of innumerable pails of water, and the scrubbing of perpetual scrubbing-brushes; windows had been polished to the highest degree of transparency; tin tea-kettles had been sandpapered until they became as silver; there had been quite a run upon the village chandler for mottled soap and hearthstone.

“I was so interested in the flowers that I forgot all about bringing an umbrella,” went on Nellie, and then she began to cry, for she had on a new blue hat and dress, and didn’t want them to get spoiled by the rain that was splashing all over. “Oh, don’t cry!” begged Grandpa. “But I can’t get home without an umbrella,” wailed Nellie.

A faint sound of splashing ceased. "Who's there? Don't " "It's me, sir Kirkby! I'm sorry to disturb you, but " "Don't come in!" cried an agitated voice, with a renewed sound of water, as if someone had hastily scrambled out of the bath. Jack cautiously turned the handle and opened the door a crack. A cry of dismay answered his move, followed by a tremendous commotion and swishing of linen.

The heavens now open, and lightning and thunder contend with the horrors of the wind! In a moment all was again hushed. Dead silence succeeded the bellow of the thunder, the roar of the wind, the rush of the waters, the moaning of the beasts, the screaming of the birds! Nothing was heard save the splashing of the agitated lake as it beat up against the black rocks which girt it in.

His mighty form, attired in pale blue pyjamas, stood in the doorway. In his hand he grasped a toothbrush, and there were dabs of white tooth-powder on his cheeks and chin. "Finish your toilet and make haste." He disappeared. There was a prolonged noise of brushing and the gurgling and splashing of water. Lady Holme sat down on the white couch at the foot of the great bed.

It consisted of a group of buildings which surrounded a quadrangular courtyard, adorned with exotics and a splashing fountain. As it appeared, he had given orders that Heideck was to be admitted immediately on arrival; for the adjutant, to whom he had announced himself, conducted him at once into the study of his superior officer.

In fact, as the morning drew leisurely along, Ruth's string splashing in the cool water grew much faster than Curly's. "I never saw the beat of your luck!" declared the boy. "You must have been fishing before, Ruth Fielding." "Lots of times." "Where?"

The quiet splashing laughter of the water-nymph behind the reeds under the moon mingled with the quiet, delicious laughter of the nocturnal enchantress who had flaming eyes, burning lips, and a naked body formed from the coils of white flame. Her flaming body was like Elisaveta's body, and the black lightnings of the invisible sorceress were like the blue lightnings of Elisaveta's eyes.

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