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In the cruel strife of centuries has it not often seemed as if the earth were to be rather the prize of the hardest heart and the strongest fist? To many men these words of Christ have been as foolishness and as a stumbling-block, and the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount have been openly derided as too good for this world.

Laughing at his foolishness, but in a flutter of pleasure, Mary sprang up to follow him to the rustic seat midway down the avenue. As Joyce's parting glance had not forbidden it, she was soon answering his questions to the best of her ability. "You see," he explained, "it's not out of curiosity that I ask all this. It's simply as a means of precaution.

But we preach the foolishness of the Gospel, in which another righteousness is revealed, namely, that for the sake of Christ, as Propitiator, we are accounted righteous, when we believe that for Christ's sake God has been reconciled to us. Neither are we ignorant how far distant this doctrine is from the judgment of reason and of the Law.

Many dark days are coming to you, when you shall not feel the west wind, the bearer of fine weather, blowing over you from land to sea; nor shall you see the blossoms open white over the hills, nor feel the earth grow warm as the summer comes in, because the bringer of fair weather is angry with you for the foolishness which you have done.

I have been guilty of enough foolishness to-day to be careful hereafter." He looked across at Hughes' body. "I wonder if that fellow meant to hit me? I never trusted him much, but I did n't expect that. Did you see him fire?" "Yes, but it was so sudden I could not even cry out. He was upon one knee, and his revolver waved like this as he tried to aim.

"I have no magic," she answered very low. "I obeyed a command, no more." He laughed bitterly, and asked: "Should two of a trade waste time on foolishness? Listen now. Teach me your secrets, and I will teach you mine, and together we will drive Egypt like a chariot." "I have no secrets, I have only faith," said Merapi again. "Woman," he went on, "woman or devil, will you take me for friend or foe?

"This is all very nice," said Elephant. "But how are we to propose this idea to a people who is as unwilling to listen as a deaf tree-stump?" "We have got to gain an audience with President McIdiot I mean, President McFoot. I suppose it does me no good to make fun of his foolishness." "Not foolishness," said Nibbles. "Just lack of education.

The driver got out his big roll and counted out $5,000. Bill counted out $4,200, but I called it $5,000. Mr. "Bull-driver" then said to me, "If I win that money, I'm going to have it; if I lose it, all right; but I won't stand any foolishness." Old Bill gave one of those peculiar chuckles, saying, "All right; if you win her, you shall have it."

"What's the matter," Carolyn June laughed lightly, " afraid of getting your 'little tootsies' wet?" The horse reared backward when she tried to urge him ahead and wheeled half around in an effort to get away from the water. "Look here, Old Fellow," she spoke sharply, tightening the reins as she touched his flank with her spur, "we haven't time for foolishness!

"My child," said the Contessa, "all this is foolishness. You will not remain as you are. I see a little difference every day. In a little time you will be dazzling; you will be ready to produce. A governess! It is more likely that you will be a duchess; and then you will laugh at everybody except me," said Madame di Forno-Populo, tapping her breast with her delicate fingers, "except me."