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"Maybe I catch a whole lot more than you think I do!" "Yes, perhaps you do." "And d' you know why Sam doesn't light his cigar when he's here?" "Why?" "He's so darn afraid you'll be offended if he smokes. You scare him. Every time he speaks of the weather you jump him because he ain't talking about poetry or Gertie Goethe? or some other highbrow junk.

"Indeed it is very witty," added Miss Monthly "what does it mean?" "Mean! More than is seen or felt by common minds. Ah! the English are truly a great nation! How delightfully he smokes!" "I think he is much the most interesting man we have had out here," observed Miss Annual, "since the last bust of Scott!"

Ernest's inner self must have interposed at this point and told him that there was not much fun in this, for he dropped the habit ere it had taken firm hold of him, and never resumed it; but he contracted another at the disgracefully early age of between thirteen and fourteen which he did not relinquish, though to the present day his conscious self keeps dinging it into him that the less he smokes the better.

'A turkey, my lord, replied Springwheat; 'home-fed, my lord. 'Ah, home-fed, indeed! ejaculated his lordship, with a shake of the head: 'home-fed: wish I could feed at home. The man who said that E'en from the peasant to the lord, The turkey smokes on every board, told a big un, for I'm sure none ever smokes on mine. 'Take a little here to-day, then, observed Mr.

"Who?" interrupted Miss Cringle, in a tone of polite inquiry. "Captain Cringle," said the mate, correcting himself, "smokes a great deal, and I've heard him say that you liked the smell of it." "There's pipes and pipes," said Miss Cringle oracularly.

"Them people has already got a hundred operators and we ain't got one, Mawruss, and every operator smokes yet a cigarettel, and you know what them cigarettels is, Mawruss. They practically smokes themselves. So, if an operator throws one of them cigarettels in a bin from clippings, Mawruss, that cigarettel would burn up them clippings certain sure.

I tell him, "Point it and shoot it." He isn't listening when the weirdie's telling me what the stuff is. He wants to know what it does, but I don't know that. I just tell him, "Point it and shoot it, man." I've sent one of the cats out for drinks and smokes and he's back by then, and we're all beginning to feel a little better, only still pretty mean. They begin to dig me.

There's a glimpse over the lake that smokes of a corner of Killarney; tempts the eye to dream, I mean." De Craye wound his finger spirally upward, like a smoke-wreath. "Are you for Irish scenery?" "Irish, English, Scottish." "All's one so long as it's beautiful: yes, you speak for me. Cosmopolitanism of races is a different affair.

For this the architecture of the Five Towns is an architecture of ovens and chimneys; for this its atmosphere is as black as its mud; for this it burns and smokes all night, so that Longshaw has been compared to hell; for this it is unlearned in the ways of agriculture, never having seen corn except as packing straw and in quartern loaves; for this, on the other hand, it comprehends the mysterious habits of fire and pure, sterile earth; for this it lives crammed together in slippery streets where the housewife must change white window-curtains at least once a fortnight if she wishes to remain respectable; for this it gets up in the mass at six a.m., winter and summer, and goes to bed when the public-houses close; for this it exists that you may drink tea out of a teacup and toy with a chop on a plate.

The Osage delegation puts forth these trooths while the Lance sets cross-laiged on a b'arskin an' smokes willow bark with much dignity. In the finish, the Osage outfit p'ints up to the fact that their tribe is shy a medicine man, an' a gent of the Lance's accomplishments who can charm anamiles an' lame broncos will be a mighty welcome addition to the Osage body politic.

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