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Burns has written hundreds of better things; but henceforth, for centuries, that maiden has free admittance into the dream-land of Beautiful Women, and she and all her race are famous. I should like to know the present head of the family, and ascertain what value, if any, the members of it put upon the celebrity thus won.

True, the fever heat is over, and the oil burns more slowly in the lamp of life; but if there is less fervour, there is more pervading warmth; if less of fire, more of sunshine; there is less smoke and more light. Verily, youth is good, but old age is better to the man who forsakes not his youth when his youth forsakes him.

I tossed off a cap-box full and paid him a dollar. It staggered me, and I said: "That is raw whisky." "Yes," said he, "all my cooked whisky is out." "If this is not quite cooked, it is as hot as fire anyhow, and burns like red-hot lava, and the whole dose seems to have got lodged in my windpipe." I might have tasted it, but don't think that I did.

But one day Frederick handed Miss Burns a piece of paper with a verse written in lead pencil in a trembling hand. "To whom does this refer?" he asked. "Have threads been spun? No, there were none! We were so chill, so small and lone. Have we to higher regions gone? To give the key Peter was not prone. I saw the sacramental stone And laid my hallowed hands thereon.

The subject of our memoir married, in 1822, the eldest daughter of the late Dr. Dr. Cleland was a member of the Institute of France, and other scientific bodies. By his wife, who is still alive, Mr. Burns has had seven children, of whom there only survive the two sons who are now at the head of the business in Glasgow. Mr.

Nor was it the slow kindling, determined, anger, that, directed against a definite object, burns with steady purpose. It was rather that sullen, hopeless, helpless rage, that, finding nothing to vent itself upon, endures even while recognizing that its endurance is in vain.

But the longer I sit, it burns the more, and it's getting gey dear to buy now-a-days." "Ay," said the weary voice of the man. "If it's no' clegs it's midges. Folk have always something to contend against. But don't be long till you stop. It's almost twelve o'clock, and you ought to be in your bed." "Oh, I'll no' be very long, Geordie," was the bravely cheerful answer.

"I wish I could feel that I deserved a tithe even of the kind things said of me by my personal friends. If one could but be as easily as preach! The confession of poor Burns might, I fear, be made of the best of us: "'God knows I'm no the thing I would be, Nor am I even the thing I could be.

But civil war, even on a small scale, cannot be indulged in without some inkling of the facts becoming known to the authorities, and prior to the receipt of the mandate of the Supreme Court, Judge Burns ordered the prisoner removed to Galveston for safe keeping.

"I shall never again doubt," said I, "the truth of God's promise-'that if two of us shall agree on earth as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them." "Shall you not?" said he, with a smile. "I wish I could be as sure for myself." A Retrospect. I am sitting in my library. The fire burns cheerily in the grate. A dear voice is singing sweetly by my side.