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"At Pont-Herlin." "That is some distance away?" The old woman shook her head and feebly shrugged her thin shoulders. "I must go there." "Well, Mme. Borderie, we will take you there." Without further parley, Albert picked the old woman up lightly and set her down in the brake. The baby was deposited on her knees where he promptly fell asleep.

All were dead: and Standish, approaching the body of the Chieftain Wattawamat, raised his good broad sword, and at one blow severed the head from the trunk. Then seizing the gory head by the long scalp-lock, he carried it forth as a trophy, and desired one of his men to secure it, and carry it back to New Plymouth. No time remained for further parley.

"I've explained to the gent, ma'am, and he's gone out to get the money," was the prompt answer. "You mean, my husband?" "Yes, the parson, ma'am. I come to levy execution. You understand, ma'am." Further questions dried up in her throat. The humiliation was too great to allow parley. Such an advent as this had been threatened jestingly many times.

They were well armed, but their commisariat consisted principally of panole and jerkey. They followed the Indians across the Verde to a place about half way between Globe and the Silver King, where they came to a parley.

This new English became very fashionable among the ladies, and "that beauty in court which could not parley Euphuism," says a writer of 1632, "was as little regarded as she which now there speaks not French." Walter Scott introduced a Euphuist into his novel the Monastery, but the peculiar jargon which Sir Piercie Shaft on is made to talk is not at all like the real Euphuism.

"Oh, that was to take care of them; for I thought, if they were left outside all night with the rest of the property, some one would steal them, and I should get the blame of it." Further parley was useless; for, though both my wires and cloths were short, still it was better not to kick up a row, when I had so much to do to keep all my men in good temper for the journey.

The boats followed us, with all the sail they could make, and we could perceive the two foremost were English, which out-sailed the rest by two leagues, and which we found would come up with us: hereupon, we fired a gun without a ball, intimating that they should bring to, and we put out a flag of truce, as a signal for parley; but finding them crowding after us, till they came within shot, we took in our white, and hanging out the red flap, immediately fired at them with ball: we then called to them with a speaking trumpet, bidding them at their peril keep off.

The incident was unfortunate, as in the course of it he developed a great deal of irritation toward Goodrich, who was his best friend in practical ways, and broke off communication with him. This, however, did not last long; and Goodrich offered him the job of compiling a "Peter Parley" book, for one hundred dollars. He wrote this, also with the aid of his sister Elizabeth, and gave her the money.

Save your sarcasm for your agents who have been running around getting you into a real scrape by telling about those election returns." He snapped about face, on his heels, and walked out of the door. The haste displayed by Mayor Morrison in getting away from the study door suggested that he was glad to escape and was not fishing for any invitation to return for further parley.

There was something in the tone of voice that did not at all please the General, so looking around, and observing no one in sight, for it was a lonely place, and having all the advantage on his side, he resolved to parley, and secure satisfactory terms before he delivered the prisoner.