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Passing down the length of the barn she reached a cluster of thatched mud hovels. Here she opened the crazy gate to admit her clamorous flock, and then deposited the contents of her pail in the trough provided for that purpose. The pigs fell-to with characteristic avidity, complaining vociferously the while as only pigs will.

We have already alluded to the fact, that at the first settlement of the Promised Land the tabernacle was established in Shiloh, a village in Ephraim, at that time the most numerous and powerful of all the tribes. The profanity or, disobedience of the people in this district led to the removal of the Divine presence, the symbols of which were commanded to be deposited in Jerusalem.

If, therefore, the future receipts should not be sufficient to meet these outstanding and future appropriations, there may be soon a necessity to use a portion of the funds deposited with the States. The consequences apprehended when the deposit act of the last session received a reluctant approval have been measurably realized.

And so saying Capitola carefully deposited the note in her bosom. Then she lighted her chamber lamp, and, taking it with her, went down-stairs to her uncle's bedroom.

Then, quickly dismissing the man, he locked himself into his chamber, and carefully deposited the hampers in a large cupboard near the head of his bed. When he had completed all this he began to breathe freely again. And thus he commenced the downward course of unfaltering, deliberate deceit.

She was followed by a tall footman, who quietly deposited upon the table a generous basket of the season's delicacies. "The Rose-lady, mother!" cried Katy, pinching her own arm to see if she could possibly be awake. It was all true, however; and that day the Connors family found a devoted friend. Henceforth the Rose-lady took a special interest in Ellie.

There would, I imagine, be no hiding place in London so secure as the Embassy safe which I see in the corner of your study!" "You suggest, then," Mr. Deane said slowly, "that Norris Vine has deposited that document in my keeping." "I not only suggest it," Duge answered, "but I am thoroughly convinced that such is the fact. Can you deny it?" Mr. Deane shrugged his shoulders.

As for Margaret, she now felt that painful little remorse that hurts us when we realise that we have suspected an innocent person of something dreadful, even though we may have contributed to the ultimate triumph of the truth. Van Torp unconsciously deposited a coal of fire on her head. 'I'd just like to say how much I appreciate your kindness in singing last night, Madame da Cordova, he said.

My drowsy chaperone was awakened too suddenly, and was therefore very cross and ill-humored for some time after. It was with difficulty we persuaded her to follow us along the track, at the end of which loomed up a dismal wooden building whither we directed our vagrant steps, not knowing what better to do. Here we deposited our sundry parcels and awaited some crisis, we hardly knew what.

Whether you will blame me or not, I cannot tell, but I have deposited a letter confirming my resolution to leave this house on Monday next, within the hour mentioned in my former, if possible. I have not kept a copy of it. But this is the substance: I tell him, 'That I have no way to avoid the determined resolution of my friends in behalf of Mr.