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"Why this is not your carriage?" gasped the countess, gazing at the duke in amazement as the footman opened the portière of the vehicle. "Certainly, madame," he replied. "And what has become of that pretty blue victoria, with the dapple grays, you placed at our disposal yesterday morning?"

People of more age and experience expect, and are entitled to, that degree of deference. There is a 'bienseance' also with regard to people of the lowest degree: a gentleman observes it with his footman even with the beggar in the street.

"'Not by any means, says the Goddess of Hearts, adjusting her crown with a simper. ''Tis I am supreme. 'Tis known a young rake will sell his last estate to win a smile from Miss Sally Salisbury and other worthy ladies. And hath not the Countess of H t lately run off with her footman? I lead statesmen and kings by the nose. Many such moral examples could I give if needful.

And here, in a shady alcove screened by curtains, I espied Anthony kissing his wife; her round, white arms were about his neck, crushing his cravat woefully, but seeing the rapture in their faces I stole away and left them. Reaching the hall I bade a footman summon my carriage, but on second thoughts countermanded the order and, donning hat and cloak, set out to walk home to my chambers.

M. Boursel's footman, enraged at his obstinacy, struck the coachman, and, M. Boursel getting out of his coach to restrain his servant's rage, the coachman resolved to be avenged of both master and man, and so began to cry out, "Here is Law going to kill me; fall upon him." The people immediately ran with staves and stones, and attacked Boursel, who took refuge in the church of the Jesuits.

Richard seized some dead champagne, emptied the bottle into a tumbler, and drank it off. John footman entered to clear the table, and they were left without further interruption. "Bella! Bella!" Richard uttered in a deep sad voice, as he walked the room. She leaned on her arm, her hair crushed against a reddened cheek, her eyes half-shut and dreamy. "Bella!" he dropped beside her.

He who succeeded him was a footman to the Duchess of Newcastle's and not being very well acquainted with the nature of his new office, he was very industrious to prevail with Everett to return to his former condition, and accept the key from him. Promises and entreaties were not long made in vain.

At this lady's elbow stood a footman with an exceedingly powerful bass voice, who shouted the names of approaching guests in a manner so uncompromising as to be terrific. Each time he so shouted the stout lady first started and then smiled, the two operations succeeding one another with almost inconceivable rapidity and violence.

At this moment the footman, so called a farm-servant put into livery brought in the letters and papers, and among them a packet of proof, which the journalist left for Bianchon; for Madame de la Baudraye, on seeing the parcel, of which the form and string were obviously from the printers, exclaimed: "What, does literature pursue you even here?"

The father's corpse was not yet cold when she makes application to the footman, with a temptation of large sums of money as a reward, if he would go off with her; but the fidelity and virtue of the servant was proof against the temptation even of four or five hundred pounds.