'My dear, my dear, do not so speak! exclaimed the gentle but rather dull Queen. 'Is it wrong? Nay, so much the better then I shall be with HIM, said Eustacie in the same feeble dreamy manner, as if she did not understand herself, but a little roused by seeing she had shocked her visitor. 'I would not be wicked.

"It produced in them," says Burton, "a manner of dreamy enjoyment, which exaggerated by time and distance, may have given rise to that splendid myth the Lotos and the Lotophagi. Their chief commodity was coffee, their favourite drink an aphrodisiac made of honey dissolved in hot water, and strained and fermented with the bark of a tree called kudidah."

A small deer arose, looked at them, and lay down, while a rabbit inspected them from another direction and began nibbling. "An earthly paradise, I should say," he observed, as he hauled the boat up the beach. "Plenty of food and water, at any rate." "It is Ilio Island," she answered, with that same dreamy voice. "It is uninhabited and never visited."

My sister, naturally, knew nothing of what had happened, and she could not understand how it was that I, who had formerly been so lighthearted, had suddenly become so sad and dreamy. Sometimes, surprising in the midst of my sadness my father's anxious scrutiny, I pressed his hand as if to ask him tacitly to forgive me for the pain which, in spite of myself, I was giving him.

It is like an aqua-marine gem countersunk in the green landscape. Many an hour had Irene and Stanhope passed in dreamy contemplation of it. They had sailed down the lake in the little steamer, they had whimsically speculated about this and that couple who took their ices or juleps under the trees or on the piazza of the hotel, and the spot had for them a thousand tender associations.

"You could be my guardian angel, Alma," said the young man, making his eyes more and more slumbrous and dreamy. "Stuff! I hope I have a soul above buttons!" He smiled, as she rose, and followed her across the room. "Good-night; Mr. Beaton," she said. Miss Woodburn and Fulkerson came in from the other room. "What! You're not going, Beaton?" "Yes; I'm going to a reception. I stopped in on my way."

Amy submitted, and slowly put herself to bed, because she thought Guy would not like to find her up; but she had little sleep, and that was dreamy, full of the same anxieties as her waking moments, and perhaps making the night seem longer than if she had been awake the whole time.

It is an irritating and seductive curiosity, a dreamy desire for knowledge, such as one feels regarding the past life of a mistress.... But they are deaf to the questions our eyes put to them, they remain dumb and motionless in their wooden frames, and we pass on. The moths attack their canvases, but the latter are revarnished; and the pictures will smile on when we are buried and forgotten.

As patient as possible, content to follow with his rather dreamy eye the cork which bobbed on the top of the water, he knew how to wait; and when, after sitting for six hours, a modest barbel, taking pity on him, consented at last to be caught, he was happy but he knew how to control his emotion. On this day the two lovers one might say, the two betrothed were seated upon the verdant bank.

It came to pass that he was deceived; because, in accordance with a not uncommon whim of destiny, he, a man of gentle melancholy, and spiritual in love, encountered in the object of his first passion a woman who held in horror all German sentimentalism. The young man, in consequence, distrusted himself, became dreamy, absorbed in his griefs, complaining of not being understood.