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"Now as we increase the rapidity of wave vibration and decrease the wave length we pass from sound waves to heat waves or what are known as the infra-red waves, those which lie below the red in the spectrum of light. Next we come to light, which is composed of the seven colours as you know from seeing them resolved in a prism.

A feeling for rhythm and a quick-sighted accurate knowledge of time, may be much improved by playing with others, either duets on the piano, or accompaniments to voice or instrument. The player should compel herself to account for the time reason of every passage slowly, until she is able to do so with rapidity and precision at sight.

The rapidity of her descent, it is true, had been arrested by the energy of her Sultans during the first twenty years of the nineteenth century. But for the last thirty of the eighteenth she had made a headlong progress downwards.

And then for himself, the sole remaining barrier between my son and this inheritance, for himself, why, grief sometimes kills suddenly; and there be drugs whose effect simulates the death-stroke of grief." "Yet, yet, this rapidity, if necessary, is perilous. Nothing in Helen's state forbodes sudden death by natural means.

The spark which Ali had kindled was the origin of the whole. Fearful was the rapidity with which the flames had spread among the dry brushwood. For months probably not a drop of rain had fallen there.

They knew, too, that the famous engineer was at that moment in England. In a moment one of those horrible panics, which spread with such contagious rapidity among large bodies of men, seized upon the Spaniards.

And now, fain would we draw a curtain over what followed but if we did so, our task would be incomplete. We therefore pass over the delicate details with as much rapidity as the nature of the case will admit. The Chevalier advanced to the couch, and viewed his bride; evading his ardent gaze, she turned away, her maiden cheek glowing with blushes.

Knight, with all the rapidity of jealous sensitiveness, pounced upon some words she had inadvertently let fall about an earring, which he had only partially understood at the time. It was during that 'initial kiss' by the little waterfall: 'We must be careful. I lost the other by doing this!

The steepness increased, but these stone steps allowed us to rise with facility, and even with such rapidity that, having rested for a moment while my companions continued their ascent, I perceived them already reduced by distance to microscopic dimensions.

But the ease with which the little nonchalant creature disposed of him, the rapidity with which he found himself transferred to Polly, and left to stare at the backs of Laura and Hubert hurrying along in front, amazed him. "Isn't she nice looking?" said poor Polly, as she too stared helplessly at the distant pair. Her shawl weighed upon her arm, Mr. Seaton had forgotten to ask for it.