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If matter is to be thought of at all as existing apart from any memory it must be thought of as consisting of a single vibration in a perpetual present with no past. We might alter the description and say that this present moment of matter should be thought of as being perpetually destroyed and recreated.

If a body is either heated or loses its heat when placed in vacuo, he ascribes the conveyance of the heat in both cases "to the vibration of a much subtler medium than air"; and he considers this medium also the medium by which light is refracted and reflected, and by whose vibrations light communicates heat to bodies and is put into fits of easy reflection and transmission.

The vibratory motion supposed to be taking place in the heated mass of the sun, is considered as imparted from that mass to the particles of the surrounding ether, and through them to the particles of the same ether in the interstices of terrestrial bodies; and this, too, with a sufficient mechanical force to throw the particles of those bodies into a state of similar vibration, producing the expansion of their mass, and the sensation of heat in sentient creatures.

A tone is not a reality until its form of vibration reaches the outer air. One should always think of the tone one wishes to make never listen to one's own execution. If the ideal is not reached by the effort it will be known by the sense of incompleteness. Why is the nares anteri the ruling center of tone direction?

One is apt to grow dizzy if the imagination is allowed to run on too far but why should not one friend talk to another though he be miles away, and to him alone, since his portable instrument is attuned to but one kind of vibration.

"But when?" asked Flick, and that vibration still lingered in his voice. "I am not so patient as you, Gallito." The Spaniard made no reply to this and silence fell between them for a few minutes.

The vibration of the last stroke was swelling and sinking in the air, when a heavy step sounded on the stair, and without even the ceremony of knocking, the door was pushed suddenly open, and the fellow, who had intruded upon him the evening before, entered the room. In one hand he held a rope and in the other a club. "Well, old chap," he said, "you see I am here as I told you I would be.

I am going to lay aside these garments and marry Daniel Scheible." She held out her hand, but Friedsam was too much stunned to see it. "You have broken your vow! You have denied the Lord!" There was no severity in his despondent rebuke; it had the vibration of an involuntary cry of surprise and pain. Tabea was not prepared for this.

At twelve he called with a carriage for the lady, whom he found all ready to accompany him, and in the best possible state of mind. Her smile, as he presented himself, was absolutely fascinating; and her voice seemed like a freshly-tuned instrument, every tone was so rich in musical vibration, and all the tones came chorded to his ear.

It was trembling with a perpetual vibration, a hollow, pulsating undertone of sound like the surging of the sea before a storm, and the lava that boiled over its sides rolled slowly down with a strange creaking; it seemed the condensed, intensified essence and expression of eternal fire, rising and still rising from some inexhaustible fountain of burning.