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And he rubbed his fat hands, on which twinkled two or three large diamond rings. "But we shall be charmed if you will join us!" "Thanks, not this evening," returned Sir Francis. "It's rather too late. I should not have intruded upon you at this hour but I thought you might possibly like this paragraph for the Snake."

The man, a clerk, with slavery written legibly across his face, offered some mumbled acceptance of the inevitable. Traill himself would not have borne with any such intrusion. He would have called the manager insisted upon having the table to himself; but he intruded his presence with only a momentary consciousness of being in the way. His manner with waiters was peremptory.

What mattered it that she was surrounded with luxury uncommon on the prairie, a luxury she had not known for so many years? She had her own rooms, where no one intruded without her consent. The spacious house had been ransacked to make them all that she could desire. All the outlaw's associates were herded into the background, lest their presence should offend her.

But she had youth, and country freshness; her "unliveliness and natural sloth unfit for conversation" passed as "the bashful muteness of a virgin;" and if a doubt intruded that he was being too hasty, Milton may have thought that a girl of seventeen could be moulded at pleasure. He was too soon undeceived. His dream of married happiness barely lasted out the honeymoon.

By this time an old woman, decently dressed and of comfortable appearance, had taken her place behind him, and behind her was a slip of a girl about fifteen years of age. This was the owner of River's Cottage and her daughter, and all the inhabitants of the cottage were now there, standing in the passage. "I ought not to let you see him," said Trevelyan; "you have intruded upon me in coming here!

And as if to enforce this doctrine a recollection of his grandmother intruded upon his meditation.

Thus the surface of the earth may never have been hot and luminous; but as the loose aggregation of stony masses grew larger and was more and more compressed by its own gravitation, the heat thus generated raised the interior to high temperatures, while from time to time molten rock was intruded among the loose, cold meteoritic masses of the crust and outpoured upon the surface.

Her Indian fatalism had intervened. "Life was life," to be lived or left. And yet she felt herself a poor creature, one who had lived long on illusion, who had bent her neck to the yoke of arid unrealities. The pale-haired woman who kept him with her miserliness of self, who intruded no sombre tragedy of loving, was well worth a trip across the foot-hills to see.

Michael's Mount, a small island nearly 300 feet high, situated in the bay, at a distance of about three miles from Penzance. The granite of Dartmoor, in Devonshire, says Sir H. De la Beche, has intruded itself into the Carboniferous slate and slaty sandstone, twisting and contorting the strata, and sending veins into them.

All day it intruded into his lessons. "She said she loves me" he whispered to his heart only. Could it be possible? Even if she did, what final good would come of it? The distance between them was still too great, for he was only a poor farmer boy. Dear Mildred his heart did not chide him for thinking that so frail, so weak, so beautiful. What if she should die!

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