Just now I want " He said no more, but he and Harry gripped hands. Margery herded us gently into the hall, and gave us each two chocolate bars. Going home under the first pale stars, we were three rollicking blades indeed. We no longer held hands, but we hooked arms, and swaggered and we did not ring the bell till the last vestige of chocolate was gone.

Father Marklin, in those intervals when his brougham was not racing from one languid, dyspeptic, dance-tired, dinner-weary, rout-exhausted woman to another at ten dollars a drooping head, looked after Bess in that spirit of argus-eyed solicitude with which a government looks after its crown jewels. Bess was herded, not to say hived, and her childish days were days of captivity.

Blinded men from prostrate camels piled the stores to windward round, And within the barrier herded, on the hot, unstable ground. Two whole days the great wind lasted, when the living of the train From the hot drifts dug the camels and resumed their way again. But the lines of care grew deeper on the master's swarthy cheek, While around the weakest fainted and the strongest waxéd weak;

High-minded but unfortunate men were carried to jail, and herded with thieves and ruffians in loathsome dungeons, for the crime of owing a hundred dollars which they could not promptly pay. Under such circumstances, a commercial disturbance, involving widespread debt, entailed an amount of personal suffering and humiliation of which, in these kinder days, we can form no adequate conception.

The night was cold enough to make flesh creep; but it was imagination that herded them until they touched the horse's rump and kept the whites of their eyes ever showing as they glanced to left and right. The Khyber, fouled by memory, looks like the very birthplace of the ghosts when the moon is fitful and a mist begins to flow. "Cheloh!"

There by the aid of a few hastily thrown intrenchments he could have a little plains fort and be ready to repel even an attack in force. Horses could be herded in the depths of the sandy shallows.

Delicate ladies, who from infancy had been the recipients of tender care and consideration, were herded together in stifling rooms with the thermometer at 120 deg. in the shade, marched through the broiling sun for miles, subjected to heart-rending privations, and at length finally butchered, together with their helpless children.

A passing band of antelope stood herded suddenly together at sight of us; then a little breeze blew for a moment from us to them, and they drifted like phantoms away, and were lost in the levels of the sage-brush. "If humans could do like that," said the Virginian, watching them go. "Run, you mean?" said I. "Tell a foe by the smell of him," explained the cow-puncher; "at fifty yards or a mile."

I at once completed my fencing, but the grumblers had no time to work; they were too busy finding fault. The whole thing was a subterfuge, and was meant to bother me. There was no need of a pound, as our cattle were herded in daytime and corralled at night. But I submitted, for I knew I could live by their laws as well as they.

Then sudden comes the white folk, an' after a bit they was all herded on to a Reserve an' kep' there. But that White Squaw never left her home in the forest, 'cause no one but the headman knew where she was. She was on'y a young girl then; I guess she's grown now. Wal, fer years them pore critturs reckoned on her comin' along an' leadin' them out on the war-path.