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Ibrahim and his strong party having quitted the country, Fowooka had invaded the mainland of Chopi, and had burnt and destroyed all the villages, and killed many people, including a powerful chief of Kamrasi's, the father of the headman of the island of Patooan where we were now staying.

Nersho received his cow; and I left two in addition for the headman of the village. We started at 5.35 a.m., and marched ten miles, and halted at a small ravine of running water among wooded hills. Our old guide, Lokko, was at fault. After much trouble we succeeded in obtaining two natives, who told us, that in this spot they had killed a large number of the slave-hunters' people.

"You will be headman of the porters; and you, Cazi Moto, will be headman of all the safari, and my own man besides." The Baganda drew himself erect, his face shining. Placing his bare heels together, he raised his hand in a military salute. Kingozi was about to dismiss him, but this arrested his intention. "Where did you learn to do that?" he asked sharply.

It must be getting late, and I don't much like this mazy place. They went out and told the headman that they would protect the treasure when the fighting began. And now they looked about them and were able to see exactly how a first-class worker in flint flakes and notches an arrow-head or the edge of an axe an advantage which no other person now alive has ever enjoyed.

Having entered the corral noiselessly, carrying a mahout on her shoulders with the headman of the noosers seated behind him, she moved slowly along with a sly composure and an assumed air of easy indifference; sauntering leisurely in the direction of the captives, and halting now and then to pluck a bunch of grass or a few leaves as she passed.

The houses were raised on platforms, with steps leading to them some height from the ground. One of the natives, a headman, calling out a pleasant-looking young woman, brought down a calabash of water, which she gave me to drink. She smiled as she watched me. As soon as I had satisfied my thirst, I put it to Jack's mouth, and he swallowed the remainder.

The grimly arrayed column found itself forging through a land which presented the undisturbed appearance of peace, security and comfort. The confident peasant was found in his homestead or tilling his lands, the cattle grazed on the meadows; when an open village or a fortified town was reached, the army was met by the headman or governor representing the king.

Suddenly there was a loud and bitter cry. 'They're in! They're in! The hedge is down! The headman disappeared behind the deer-skin curtain. 'He's gone to hide it, said Anthea. 'Oh, Psammead dear, how could you leave us! Suddenly there was a shriek from inside the hut, and the headman staggered out white with fear and fled out through the maze. The children were as white as he. 'Oh! What is it?

The result of the conference was that the villagers decided to give the barbarian a chance. All he wanted it seemed was to tell of this new Jehovah-religion which he believed, and surely there could be no great harm in listening to him talk. In the evening the headman with the help of some friends set to work to construct a meeting-house. A tent was erected, made from boat sails.

CLI. The House Bonga. Once upon a time there was a house bonga who lived in the house of the headman of a certain village; and it was a shocking thief; it used to steal every kind of grain and food, cooked and uncooked; out of the houses of the villagers. The villagers knew what was going on but could never catch it.