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"Dicky Comstalk?" he cried helplessly. "What the devil does this mean?" turning to the police. "Do you know this fellow, Mr. Hamilton?" asked the chief. "Know him? Of course I know him," answered Teddy; "and I'll stake my last dollar on his honesty." "But " began the chief, seized with sudden misgivings. "It is impossible, I tell you," interrupted Hamilton.

Miss Delia read it all through again, dwelling on certain lines, which she indicated by her forefinger, with special attention; then she looked up timidly. She met Lucyet's unsmiling eyes for a moment; then she, too, looked away, hurriedly, helplessly, to the dish of boiled potatoes. "I'm sure it is very nice very nice indeed, Lucyet," she said. "But you don't like it," said Lucyet.

This was honestly as much as their heads could hold at one time; and they were helplessly unable to consider whether the other conditions postulated by Bernhardi were present, or indeed, in the excitement of their schoolboyish imaginations, to remember whether he had postulated any at all.

"I don't want him for a friend, and you're dead wrong if you think I could make this a lever to square myself with the law. I couldn't. He wouldn't let me, for one thing he isn't that kind." "And you said you cared for me!" she repeated helplessly, wringing her hands in her despair. "But at the first chance you fail me." "Can't you see it isn't a personal matter?

She complied without further words. He covered her with a rug, but she shivered under it as one with an ague. He brought a quilt, and laid that also over her. She reached out then, and caught his hand. "Trevor, forgive me!" He bent over her. "My dear, I am not angry with you." "Ah, but but " She broke off helplessly; there was something about him that unnerved her.

I guess any gentleman's got the right to go wanderin' around his own premises in the middle of the night, if he wants to, and nobody ain't got any right to complain because he don't make the trouble to put on his day clothes." The farmer looked helplessly at Paul. Plainly his wits were in a stupor, and he could not make head or tail of what Jo was telling him.

Our good Lord in His kindness instituted another Sacrament, by which we could once more be freed from sin if we had the misfortune to fall into it after Baptism it is the Sacrament of Penance. It is called the plank in a shipwreck. When sailors are shipwrecked and thrown helplessly into the ocean, their only hope is some floating plank that may bear them to the shore.

One pompous official, in particular, became so helplessly indignant that he retired into a little office overlooking the platform, and was heard to swear fluently, all by himself, for several minutes.

She says she would not let him stay because because you would be ashamed of us. She says I would be ashamed " "Suzette! Sue!" Adeline called down from the chamber above, "don't you let Mr. Hilary go before I get there. I want to speak to him," and while they stared helplessly at each other, they heard her saying to Mrs. Newton, "Yes, I shall, too! I'm perfectly rested, now; and I shall go down.

"There!" he said triumphantly. "I knew it! Just keep right on the way you are going, and I won't say a word!" "But I haven't given you any encouragement; you mustn't think I have." "I know it. But you haven't turned me down." At this she smiled at him helplessly. "You are not very easy to turn down, Quin." "No," he admitted; "it can't be done."