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If anybody would only contrive some kind of a lever that one could thrust in among the works of this horrid automaton and check them, or alter their rate of going, what would the world give for the discovery? From half a dime to a dime, according to the style of the place and the quality of the liquor, said the young fellow whom they call John. You speak trivially, but not unwisely, I said.

The conviction that women of the wealthier classes would stand by them in securing favorable laws, as they stood by the strikers in the industrial struggle, was a strong lever to turn them towards the suffrage ranks. The Women's Trade Union League building, used as strike headquarters in all strikes involving women workers, is a veritable center of suffrage sentiment in New York!

If the drawing is done too fast, the points will be much too long to be of any use: half an inch of taper is quite enough. Assuming that a point of satisfactory shape has been attained and one must expect some failures before this happens the pen may be placed in the pen lever and ground down on a perfectly clean wet hone laid on the card platform, which should be given a circular movement.

Walker asserted definitely and with good ground that muscular effort applied without mechanism is insufficient for human flight, but he states that if an aeronautical boat were constructed so that a man could sit in it in the same manner as when rowing, such a man would be able to bring into play his whole bodily strength for the purpose of flight, and at the same time would be able to get an additional advantage by exerting his strength upon a lever.

The kings of France were in the habit of receiving homage at their morning toilets; a strange custom, that doubtless had its origin in the empressement of the courtier to inquire how his master had slept; which receptions were divided into two classes, the "grand lever" and the "petit lever" the "great getting-up" or the "little getting-up." The first was an occasion of more state than the last.

But had it no other purpose? That question we may answer when we know its name and its nature. And it is not beyond our powers to conjecture this with something like certainty. For the only "machines" possible to use in illustration of simple mechanics are the screw, the wedge, the scale, the lever, the wheel-and-axle, and Atwood's machine.

It was the fulcrum with which she hoped to move the world; but it was only the fulcrum. For more than a generation she was to sit in secret, working her lever: and her real "life" began at the very moment when, in the popular imagination, it had ended. She arrived in England in a shattered state of health.

On this subject it would be impossible to overlook the names of Lever, Maxwell, or Otway, or to forget the mellow hearth-light and chimney-corner tone, the happy dialogue and legendary truth which characterize the exquisite fairy legends of Crofton Croker.

He heard the whistle of the pursuing locomotive yelp behind him, yet he reversed the lever and put on brakes, and for a few seconds lived in a hell of dread. Hearing no sound, now, he glanced back and saw the wild train almost leap upon his own yet just before it touched it the track seemed to spread, the engine toppled from the bank, the whole train rolled into the canon and vanished.

He has meetings for boys and girls only, where he plays tricks, grimaces, tells stories and gets his little hearers laughing, and thus having found an entrance into their hearts, he suddenly reverses the lever, and has them crying. He talks to these little innocents about sin, the wrath of God, the death of Christ, and offers them a choice between everlasting life and eternal death.

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