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With this sauce I ate my dinner, and truly it tasted bitter. Towards sunset I went on the river to take my rowing lesson.

By the time they reached Hafraklett the wind was very high. Thorgeir said: "The stern is slackening." Grettir said: "The stern will not be left behind if the rowing amidships is all right." Thorgeir then bent his back to the oars and pulled so violently that both the rowlocks carried away. He said: "Pull on, Grettir, whilst I mend the rowlocks."

The fisherman only glanced once at the royal weapon, but it was enough to make him notice its richness and to arouse his suspicions. Nevertheless, he went on rowing towards the frigate.

They had all been rowing in it, and it had transpired that A could row as much in one hour as B in two, or C in four. B and C had come in dead fagged and C was coughing badly. "Never mind, old fellow," I heard B say, "I'll fix you up on the sofa and get you some hot tea."

"All right; I agree with you in regard to the risk, but I will do this instead of you," replied Fronklyn. "Are you accustomed to handling a boat, and especially to rowing?" asked Deck. "I never handled a boat at all, and never rowed one in my life," answered the sergeant. "Then I must do this job;" and the lieutenant started on his mission.

Keep on rowing, so as to hold the boat where you are, till the yacht comes along. It won't be many minutes before she is here." In little over a quarter of an hour she was seen approaching, and Frank saw that, in spite of the efforts of the men at the oars, the boats had been blown some distance to leeward.

Along shore were whirling, slow eddies, and there rowing was possible. Out in that swift current it would have been folly to try to contend with it, let alone make progress. The method of crossing was to row up along the shore as far as a great cape of rock jutting out, and there make into the current, and while drifting down pull hard to reach the landing opposite.

Many a summer hour I spent with Edward Hoar in his skiff, rowing, or sailing, or floating up and down on this soft Concord stream Musketaquit, or "grass-ground river" moving through miles of meadow, fringed with willows and button bushes, with a current so languid, said Hawthorne, that the eye cannot detect which way it flows.

Now and then, but very sparingly, they were allowed a drop of water from the kegs; but this was only in cases of the utmost extremity, and principally to those who were employed in rowing.

Had she strength to swim it? At her first step into the water she saw a sight that sent her back with a bound. There was a boat midlake; two men were in it. One was rowing: the other had a gun in his hand. They were looking toward her: they had seen her. The hounds were drawing near. No escape that way, even if she could still run.