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When he came back, Lemuel could endure it no longer. "Say!" he called huskily through his door. "Won't you give me a cup of that coffee upstairs? I haven't had anything but an apple to eat for nearly two days. I don't want you to give me the coffee. You can take my clasp button " The officer went by a few steps, then he came back, and peered in through the door at Lemuel's face.

A button on the inner edge on the right releases a spring, opening a second compartment, where the material of your future luxuries is stored. A look will be sufficient. I hardly think you will then care to occupy the position in the lime light to which you have been brought by such means. Obscurity is better perhaps, even exile. Talk it over with your mother. We think she will agree with us.

"'Most," came the muffled reply from the corner where a struggling tangle of clothes, hands and feet proclaimed that Cherry was hurrying. "Then come on; we will have to fly. I'll button your dress when we get outside, Allee. Never mind your other shoe, Cherry; you can put it on downstairs. Have you got your basket?"

They refuse to stay there, but they can't get away. I've cabled The Review, overdrawing my salary scandalously, and Dan is eager to help, but the worst of it is neither of those women knows how to make a living. Natalie wants to work, but the extent of her knowledge is the knack of frosting a layer cake, and her mother never even sewed on a button in all her life.

On looking at the notes of introduction which Pleydell had thrust into his hand, Mannering was gratified with seeing that they were addressed to some of the first literary characters of Scotland. 'To David Hume, Esq. To John Home, Esq. 'To Dr. Ferguson. 'To Dr. Black. 'To Lord Kaimes. 'To Mr. Button. 'To John Clerk, Esq., of Eldin. 'To Adam Smith, Esq. 'To Dr. Robertson.

Laying down his pencil, the professor then, with a small punch, made a tiny hole in the tail-fin of the salmon, the fish having been thrown over the captor's left arm again, slipped an aluminum button through the hole, and riveted it securely.

Such a sheet is a great advantage, as it aids considerably in keeping the stove clean. Some gas stoves are provided with a pilot, which is a tiny flame of gas that is controlled by a button on the gas pipe to which the stop-cocks are attached.

An answering gleam was in Victoria's, who had at that moment, by a singular coincidence, come out of the house. She came directly down the steps and out on the gravel, and held her hand to him in the buggy, and he flushed with pleasure as he grasped it. "How do you do, Mr. Vane?" she said. "I am so glad you have called. Humphrey, just push the stable button, will you?" Mr.

I," he continued, with a slight inflation of the chest that imperilled the security of his button, "I will see that you are protected in the removal of your property." "I'm sure it's very kind of you, and so disinterested!" simpered the lady as they walked along. "It's so pleasant to meet some one who has soul, some one to sympathize with in a community so hardened and heartless as this." And Mrs.

Every button was on, every thread-end knotted and clipped, and some tired workers lay down to rest, as did a very happy child and a very thankful old lady. Every one got away by ten o'clock the next morning. The last I saw of little Cora Belle was when they had reached the top of a long slope and Balaam had "stopped to rest."