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After having threaded their way for nearly a mile, the water spouting almost at every step up to their knees, they at length came to an old bridle way, deeply shaded with hedges on each side. They had not spoken much since the close of their last dialogue; for, the truth is, each had enough to do, independently of dialogue, to keep himself out of drains and quagmires.

Through its medium the broad field of musical history and literature may be surveyed in private with profit and pleasure. Piano composers and virtuosos rapidly increase. His scheme of a dialogue, in the opening adagio of his "Invitation to the Dance," followed by an entrancing waltz and a grave concluding dialogue, betokens what he might have accomplished for the piano had he lived longer.

"Crust isn't down, sir." "The fellow's off, and I may as well follow, though it is not easy to sleep on the honour of a discovery like this. Good night, Miles!" "Ay, ay! sir." Such was the account Marble afterwards gave me of the termination of the dialogue. Sleep, sleep, sleep!

"And she says to be sure and smooth your hair just before your dialogue, and don't for the world let your boot laces come untied. And when it's all over, aunt says you're to come down with her and be introduced." Elizabeth did not hear a word of her sister's admonitions. She realized only that Mrs. Jarvis was there to watch her act in a dialogue!

Ellangowan, said the lady, raising her voice as the Laird left the room, 'I wish ye may understand them yoursell, that's a'! From this nuptial dialogue the Laird joyfully escaped to meet his faithful friend, Mr. Kennedy, who arrived in high spirits.

The fact is, darling, I am terribly worried. 'My darling, he will say " Aunt Dahlia interrupted at this point to observe that these Traverses seemed to be a pretty soppy couple of blighters, to judge by their dialogue. She also wished to know when I was going to get to the point. I gave her a look.

"I wouldn't ask a respectable dog to go near that place." Looker and Lutz had been growing angrier all the time during this dialogue, but after their recent experiences with the radio boys they did not quite dare resort to open hostilities. But if looks could have killed, Bob and Joe would have dropped dead on the spot.

The dialogue went on in this key for some few minutes; but the young man was not in the humor either to take the young girl's pert stings or to repay her in the same coin; he rose to go but, before he could take leave, Katharina, observing from the window how low the sun was, cried: "Mercy on me! how late it is I must be off; I must not be absent at supper time.

The visit of the doctors was followed by that of two of the officials of the Customs vulgar, illiterate men, who, seating themselves at the cabin table, with a familiar nod to the captain, and a blank stare at us, commenced the following dialogue: Officer: "Best remedy for the cholera known. The only one the doctors can depend upon." Officer: "Oh, thank you. We are sure to get it genuine from you.

I hope we can have a constructive bipartisan dialogue this year to build a consensus which will lead eventually to the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. A fourth challenge is to ensure that the stability of our planet is not threatened by the huge gulf between rich and poor.