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"I want you to go waltz with Miss Brade," says Violet. "She looks so lonely talking to that old Mr. Carpenter." "Nonsense." And he tries to swing her into line. "No; I do not feel as if I had any business with the young men," says Violet, rather promptly, standing her ground with resolution. "See here," exclaims Eugene, suddenly, "if I waltz with her, will you give me another somewhere?

Empaled on their little iron uprights, each sailorman whirled sometimes languidly, like a great lady revolving to the slow measures of a waltz, sometimes so rapidly that he made you quite dizzy, and had he not been a sailorman with a heart of oak and a head and stomach of pine, he would have been quite seasick.

I have stolen a march on you; I have secured the first waltz from Miss Rosa," a young man at the mirror cried, as Dick adjusted his gloves. "Then, Captain Warrick, I'm likely to be a wall-flower, for the second, third, and fourth were promised yesterday." "Fortunes of war, my dear fellow fortunes of war. You must lay siege to another fortress." "Dick," Jack whispered, "it's an omen.

Madame de Bergenheim began to play the Duke of Reichstadt's Waltz, striking only the first measure of the accompaniment, in order to show her lover where to put his fingers. The waltz went on. Clemence played the air and Octave the bass, two of their hands remaining unoccupied those that were close to each other.

Tita Bolton is dancing, but when her dance comes to an end he goes to her and asks her for the next. Yes; he can have it. She dances like a little fairy, and when the waltz is at an end he goes with her, half mechanically, towards the conservatory at the end of the room. His is calm now, quite calm; the chatter of the child has soothed him.

On the occasion of the ball, he came to her with a highflown compliment, and a request to be once more allowed to waltz with her a request to which he expected a favourable answer, thinking, no doubt, that his wit, his powers of conversation, and the amour qui flambait dans son regard, had had their effect upon the charming Meess.

We had gone out for a walk: "That dress is pretty," I said, "such and such a girl, belonging to one of my friends, has one like it." We were now seated at table. "Come, my dear, my former mistress used to sing for me at dessert; you promised, you know, to imitate her." She sat down at the piano. "Ah! pardon me, but will you play that waltz that was so popular last winter?

The music began again a waltz and, still as a statue in the recess of the window, his face unmoved, but no smile on his lips, Soames waited. Presently, within a yard of the dark balcony, his wife and Bosinney passed. He caught the perfume of the gardenias that she wore, saw the rise and fall of her bosom, the languor in her eyes, her parted lips, and a look on her face that he did not know.

Coble took a quid, and Short thrust the box again into his pocket. In the meantime the waltz continued, and being a favourite dance, there were about fifty couples going round and round the room. Such was the variety in the dress, country, language, and appearance of the parties collected, that you might have imagined it a masquerade.

Kitty gazed in admiration at Anna waltzing, and listened to him. She expected him to ask her for a waltz, but he did not, and she glanced wonderingly at him. He flushed slightly, and hurriedly asked her to waltz, but he had only just put his arm round her waist and taken the first step when the music suddenly stopped.

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