I received neither 'pay, nor jewel of recognition, I had played 'for the honour' of appearing before their Majesties! but my bow was a wand to wake the little poisoned asp of despair that stings its way into the heart under every Royal mantle of ermine, and that sufficed me!" "Sometimes," said Leroy, turning towards him; "I pity kings!" "I' faith, so do I!" returned Valdor. "But only sometimes!

All of a sudden the dentist uttered an exclamation, clapping his hand to his nose, his face twisting sharply. "Mac, what is it?" cried Trina in alarm. "That champagne came to my nose," he cried, his eyes watering. "It stings like everything." "Great BEER, ain't ut?" shouted Marcus. "Now, Mark," remonstrated Trina in a low voice. "Now, Mark, you just shut up; that isn't funny any more.

The impulses of his wit were satirical; he was not dismayed by failure; the stage had entertained him and irritated him, and he made the stage the subject of his first triumph. "The Rosciad" was in every sense a triumph. Its stings galled the vanity of the players to frenzy.

It was difficult to believe that his subjection to opium could much longer resist the stings of his own conscience, and the solicitations of his friends, as well as the pecuniary destitution to which his opium habits had reduced him. The proposed object was named to Mr. C. who reluctantly gave his consent. I now drew up a letter, intending to send a copy to all Mr. Southey, to obtain his sanction.

It was the tsetse, that dipter picked up by Benedict, the formidable tsetse under whose stings the animals of the caravans perish! Finally, it was, indeed, the roaring of the lion that had just sounded through the forest! And those forks, those chains, that knife of singular form, they were the tools of the slave-trader! Those mutilated hands, they were the hands of captives!

As we ascended the hill again we found the petrification scattered all over the ground; they were composed chiefly of palms and pines; and most interesting they were. We returned from this expedition with our skins in a state of eruption from the bites of the lice and the stings of the mosquitoes. Our last day at Goa was a very pleasant one.

When cold it will be a jelly; of which give, dissolved in wine, milk, or broth, in change with other nourishment. GNATS. The stings of these troublesome insects are generally attended with a painful swelling.

Paul Lathrop sat up. "I'm in sympathy with anything that harasses, and bothers and stings the governing classes of this country!" he said, with an oratorical wave of his cigarette. "What fools they are! In this particular business the Government is an ass, the public is an ass, the women, if you like, are asses.

She could not help feeling as if this was so, and this feeling arose from those memories which she had of that terrible past, when she ignorantly hurled at that father's heart words that stung like the stings of scorpions. Never could she forgive herself for that, and for this she now humbled herself in this way. Her tone was so pleading that Dudleigh could refuse no longer.

And as he spoke, I had a whiff of the pungent sweetness of the anaesthetic. They stretched me out, with a convenient exposure of my side, and, almost before I realised what was happening, the chloroform was being administered. It stings the nostrils, and there is a suffocating sensation at first. I knew I should die that this was the end of consciousness for me.