You arrive either at night, rather too late to do anything or see anything until morning, or you arrive so early in the morning that you consider it best to go to your hotel and sleep an hour or two while the sun bothers along over the Atlantic.

"I am not a fellow who bothers about my own inside." Outwardly he was cheerful, reliable, and brave; but within, all had reverted to chaos, ruled, so far as it was ruled at all, by an incomplete asceticism. Whether as boy, husband, or widower, he had always the sneaking belief that bodily passion is bad, a belief that is desirable only when held passionately. Religion had confirmed him.

I know something about men." "I agree to that. But it strikes me there's a nigger in the woodpile somewhere, as you Yankees say. Why are you so anxious?" "Oh, if you can't see your way...." "I'll have a look-see before I make any decision. It's your eagerness that bothers me. You seem to want this chap out of Canton." The doctor hesitated, puffing his tobacco hastily. "There's a young woman."

He could not help smiling, though he hesitated. "Nothing! but others have been disappointed." "And that bothers YO'?" "I mean I have as yet had no right to put your feelings to any test, while" "Poor Chet had, yo' were going to say! Well, here we are at the cemetery!

Can you, for instance, reproach me for the hunger which bothers me continually?" "No, only I should like to learn the cause." "The cause?" repeated Larsagny. "Yes." "Then listen. I will tell you everything, even though you should laugh at me. Years ago I was travelling in Italy, and as I had a large sum of money in my pocket, I was attacked by robbers.

"I've been trying to have a look at your machine but I've only just now succeeded in evading the police. I hope I'm not in the way?" Since there were few persons about, the boys smiled. "Glad to see you," answered Roy. "Glad to see anyone if he comes alone. It's only the mob that bothers us." The stranger smiled and lifted his hat in renewed greeting.

Why should he pay to help build a new church, when he's got to move the first of March? And the church has been as careless about him as he has been about the church." "That's what bothers me," J.W. commented. "But even so, I should think something could be done to interest these folks. They've all got families to bring up." "Something can be done, too," said Pa Shenk.

"I don't know what to do I really don't," Janice confessed to Any Carringford who, by this time, had become her very closest friend and confidante. "Daddy has many business troubles, I know. It bothers him greatly to be annoyed by household matters. And he ought not to be so annoyed. But that woman!" "It is too bad, honey," Amy said. "I wish my mother could help you.

Gordon will take your statement of the facts names, dates, all details. Good morning." Feuerstein went to Travis, small and sleek, smooth and sly. When Travis had done with him, he showed him out. "Call day after to-morrow," he said, "and when you come, ask for me. Mr. Loeb never bothers with these small cases."

He's a steamer sailor, of course, and has been most of these years, and how he'll do the white wings business again, Lord only knows. Forget he hasn't got engines till it's too late, and then drown himself probably. However, that's his palaver. Where we're going to scratch him up a crew from's the thing that bothers me. Well, we'll see." He leaned down over the bridge rail, and called.