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"The man who can guess what a Rajput intends to do next is entitled to give himself a deal of credit," commented the Resident, with a short laugh. "I've travelled a bit," continued Farrell, "and have seen something of the courts of Europe, but I've yet to meet a diplomat who's peer to the Rajput.

The Widow Thatcher commented approvingly upon her fine color when she appeared at the house. "You just stay here a leetle mite longer, Mis' Riley, and you'll be that changed you won't know yourself," said the kindly woman, heartily. "I'm sure of that!" murmured her guest. The red-haired lady who called herself Mrs.

"Then you're alone most of the time?" ventured Lane. "Not most of the time, but all the time." The boys would have liked to inquire further, but courtesy forbade, and their guest did not volunteer anything more regarding himself. He shifted the conversation to Nemo. "Bright-looking dog you've got there!" he commented. "Yes," said Jim. "And he's fully as bright as he looks.

Without doubt I had bawled the nonsense out on my way to bed. "You have a good memory," I commented drily, as I essayed a moment to drape my shoulders with the new sable cloak ere I tossed it to Pons to put aside. He shook his head sourly.

Brave words heartsome words for the hearing of a woman who had loved him. Lynette was almost sorry that she did not. He did not believe that he had won any hearts in Gueldersdorp. His curtness, his roughness, his harshness had been unfavourably commented upon many and many a time. Yet when he left them, how the people cheered!

Finally, with the idea of averting a quarrel between the disputants, she mentioned that the actress, accompanied by her chaperon, had been staying in the neighbourhood of her own home. "Mr. Errington was with them also," she added. "He usually is," commented Miss Lermontof disagreeably. "He's a remarkably fine pianist," said Diana. "Do you know him personally at all?"

"All this is only suspicion. We must have proof to satisfy a jury before we can do anything with a man in Sir Ralph's position. And now, if you don't mind, I should like to put a few other questions to you." When she left after half an hour, Foyle threw back his head with a jerk. "A pleasant girl," he commented. "Seems wonderfully anxious to have Fairfield hanged.

Come, mother, you have hardly looked at your own dear Fanny yet." In they both came, and Mrs. Price having kindly kissed her daughter again, and commented a little on her growth, began with very natural solicitude to feel for their fatigues and wants as travellers. "Poor dears! how tired you must both be! and now, what will you have? I began to think you would never come.

"Then there was geography. What a large place America is!" and she sighed. "Yes, the world is a good-sized planet, when you come to consider. And America is only one side of it." "I don't see how it keeps going round." "That must be viewed with the eye of faith," commented Betty. "All that does very well. I am sorry you did not like it." "I did like all that," returned Doris slowly.

"What have you come here for?" he demanded gruffly at length. "I'll tell you," said Gracie readily. She went close to him, confidingly close, looking straight into the formidable grey eyes. "You see, it was my idea. Pat didn't want to come, but I made him." "Forward young minx!" commented Sir Beverley. Gracie laughed at the compliment.