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Ha! ha! de leetle baggage tinks she is already perdir she tombles so be quiet, you petite leetle deevil. It vill be de best vay, I tink, to do it on de ground. Hark! is dere not some person near? my heart goes en palpitant." "It is nobody, thou fool," answered the lady; "it is only a rustling produced by a breath of wind among the trees." "Very vell, very vell, my Lady Maitland; dat is right.

Careful, steady, now; leetle more, leetle more. Don't see color yet, do you?" The quartz sediment dwindled by degrees as McTeague spooned it steadily. Then at last a thin streak of a foreign substance began to show just along the edge. It was yellow. Neither spoke. Cribbens dug his nails into the sand, and ground his mustache between his teeth.

'Only one thing the matter o' me, said Mose with a little twinge of remorse. 'I'm jest a natural born perfec' dum fool. Never c'u'd b'lieve there was any sech fish. 'Nobody ever said there was any sech fish, said Uncle Eb. 'He's done more t' you 'n he ever done t' me. Never served me no sech trick as thet. If I was you I'd never ask nobody t' b'lieve it 'S a leetle tew much.

"My leetle Hugo," she said, "dere's a good fellar. Try an' drink, jus' one bit. H'open mouth, dat way. Now you swallow, dere's good boy. An' now you try heem again, jus' one more spoon. H'it is awful good, from de big moose what Philippe he get. Jus' one more spoon an' I not bodder you no more." Whether Hugo understood or not no one could have told.

Hed a leetle too much power in the arm. He emptied his boots, baited up and went back to his fishing. As I looked up at him he stood leaning over the stream jiggling his hook. In a moment I saw a tug at the line. The end of his pole went under water like a flash. It bent double as Uncle Eb gave it a lift. The fish began to dive and rush.

"I sha'n't ever forget the time I was a boy in the old Mary Bedloe brig, out o' Boston, loaded with sundries for Jamaica, to bring back molasses and something a leetle mite stronger. That's 'bout as near as I ever got to having traffic with liquor and 'twas an unlucky v'y'ge all the way through. "Before we ever got the rum aboard," pursued Cap'n Amazon, "on our way down there, our water went bad.

He had never before experienced anything of the kind. He tried to account for it, but his mind became confused. "Maria!" he burst out. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Her contralto laugh rippled. "Bobby looks so funny! Carlos! Leetle Bobby looks so queer! What is the matter with him?"

Louis," began Ted, "not because I didn't trust your ability to keep a secret, but in order to keep every one else in the dark." "D'yer mean ter say that ye hev stalled me along ter this town ter give me a leetle airin', an' not ter sell hosses?" asked Bud indignantly. "Not exactly. I want to sell the horses for the top price, but there was something else behind it."

"You'll be a scholar yet if this keeps up," replied Dan, slapping him upon the shoulder, as the mountaineer glanced up with a pleased and shining face. "Why, you mastered that first reader there in no time." "A powerful heap of larnin' has to pass through yo' head to git a leetle to stick thar," commented Pinetop, wrinkling his brows. "Air we goin' to have the big book agin to-night?"

"Wal, wouldn't you git kind of a hunch thet the rustlers was say a leetle friendly toward the sheepmen?" Ellen felt a sudden vibrating shock. The blood rushed to her temples. Trembling all over, she rose. "Uncle John!" she cried. "Now, girl, you needn't fire up thet way. Set down an' don't " "Dare y'u insinuate my father has " "Ellen, I ain't insinuatin' nothin'," interrupted the old man.

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